M51A2 down


Rising Sun Indiana
Just getting ready to put on some new used tires I just got from Bobr yesterday,took her out for a spin first, and lost the engine. Bad knock in the lower end,oil pressure normal, no oil in water, no water in oil, not getting hot, engine not missing at all. Restarts as normal.
Was a GSA truck, IROAN rebuild in 94, showing 6500 miles,(4100 when I got it) and 350 hours now.
( I know this doesn't mean this is correct) I've kept it serviced and taken care of it.
Guess I'll drop the pan first and see what I find, but need to finish up the D8 to make room for the Dump. Will probably take to the week end to get it out.
Hoping for the best, but planning for the worst. So I'm putting out feelers for a good running LDS for it. I'm not aware of anything else that will more or less be a simple bolt in swap. Kinda like the multi fuels anyway. Any ideas?
Thanks, Andy.


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Watch the oil when you drain it and look for consistency and when you drop the pan check the oil pickup.

Gimp dropped one of mine 8 days ago and check each rod and main bearing caps. I think the oil was the problem since it has been fine since the change and cleaning.
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