M715 hood numbers


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We're the hood numbers somehow correlated to the vin? I tried to see if I could find my old numbers under the fire department respray -no luck unfortunately.


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Nope. See if you can Google image M715s in service and find a Army registration number, change the last two digits and call it good. It will be our secret.


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When the FD painted my truck they didn't spray under the hood. That's how I found the numbers on my 5 ton.


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We're the hood numbers somehow correlated to the vin? I tried to see if I could find my old numbers under the fire department respray -no luck unfortunately.
No they are not tied to the vin in anyway and once lost they are gone. The M715 had two different styles of hood registration numbers depending on the year they were produced. 67' trucks had the older style of marking looking like this 3A 0001. The 3 indicates the vehicles vehicle class. This class runs from 3/4 ton to 1 1/4 ton. Any military vehicles, with a load rating between those weight limits would start with this number. The A and the 0001 work together to show which number of medium weight vehicle built that this one is. A 0001 would be the first, A 9999 would be the 9999th one built. The next one, #10,000, built would be B 0001. Once 9999 were built as B's, the marking would change to C 0001 at number 19,999 and so on. In 1968, the military changed the Registration Number system again and now included a year in the Registration Number as well. A sample of this style looks like this: 03A00168 The 03 still refers to the medium weight vehicle class.The A and the 001 work together just as described for the earlier system, though only accounting for 999 vehicles before changing to the next letter instead of the previous methods 9999 limit. The 68 is the year, 1968, and does not change for any vehicle made that year.

For vehicles that have lost the hood registration numbers the generally accepted method to "make a set up" is to use the last 4 or 5 of the vin. This way it does not cloud the real numbers somewhere down the road, as true collectors will know that the registration number and vin are not the same and can discount that registration number from being an original, especially if someone is researching original registration numbers. If you need any help with markings feel free to contact me here or through my markings website; http://www.deltateamdecals.com/ I've done hundreds of marking kits for M715's and have one myself.



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Another shot at numbers is to check the bumpers, bumperettes and tailgate.....Army markings are different than USMC, USAF an USN just in case it was another service. As for mine I took the VIN which is 5 digits and put a 7 at the beginning since my truck is a 67' and it has USMC markings similar to what the post above mentions. Also FYI, I ordered my markings from him and my M101 trailer and it really made the rig pop after it was finished.
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