M813 injector parts sources?


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Central Kansas
I've been working on our M813 brush truck fighting with contamination getting into the rail and plugging injectors. It started off with number 6 injector, which I cleaned and reinstalled, then it started doing it again so I pulled all of the injectors this evening. 6 was clear but 5 and 4 both had crap in the screens. The first time was probably my own **** fault, there was a little wad of Teflon tape over the screen, likely from when I replaced the shut off solenoid. I hate that stuff, but the last guy that worked on the fuel system when we had the PT pump rebuilt a few years ago loved it. I also found some small steel filings that came from God knows where. Long story short, I need new injector O-rings. The engine number isn't coming up with the local Cummins guys and without something to go from number wise, I'm stuck staring across a counter. I am not an 855 Cummins guru so I need some help locating a source for the parts... or a Cummins part number, size and material, anything. They are non top stop injectors. Any help is greatly appreciated and the rest of the guys assigned to this truck are eager to get her back in service so we can send the old F700 4x4 gasser back to storage! Its not a terrible brush truck and it is faster than the 5 ton, but it just isn't quite as capable.
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