M817 Low Range Question


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I have searched to no avail and was hoping someone could give me some info. I have read I can not use my 818 in reverse low range without damaging the transfer case. It is the sprague type. I have in my searches also read the opposite and beem told it is fine. Can someone clarify if I can or not?


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I did it with help and a jack. Had it apart and back together at least 5 times. Mine was a new TC in my 817 that they had never properly set the play on the bearings. I could lift the output shaft almost an 1/8 inch. I though it was trashed.

Nothing hurt, bearings, gears....it was new. I learned how the rear drive is geared differently than the front. For every 17 turns the rear makes, the front drive turns 16. The sprag is a one way clutch and relieves the difference.

It was a good thing I used aircraft form-a-gasket, because i split it four times before finding a missing retaining ring.. I set the bearing shims to a very light preload and that was a great TC.
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