M925 a1 armored crew cab

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Another Ahab

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Alexandria, VA
Old duke, I drive, operate, maintain, rebuild, remount on to new trucks as needed, some of the largest concrete pumps in the world. The truck I drive daily weighs 142,000 lbs and is 54 ft long with 3 steers and 22 tires.
Whoa. Impressive!

Just curious, do you know offhand what is the vertical reach (tremie included), for pumping of those rigs in the bottom-most (last) pic?

Assuming the pump can carry all that head, like what is the topmost height they can pump to?
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Csm Davis

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1. Man I gotta know, how much additional weight do you think that you've added to the overall GVW?

2. Are you planning on counter-acting the additional weight+loss of drivability/reduced performance with any performance enhancing modifications? (E.G.: Larger Turbo, Multiple Turbos, Compound Turbo, Turbo+Supercharger, Methanol Injection, Larger Intercooler, Steam engine, etc.)

3. Suspension wise, the 925's are fairly straight forward in design (massive leaf spring packs), are you going to do any suspension upgrades? Like air-ride, swap out the live axles for IFS+IRS?

4. Have you considered the concept of the Center of Gravity? How far forward has the additional weight of the armor moved the CG? The front suspension being pre-loaded all the time with the additional weight of the added armor will have shifted most, of the weight to the front axle. This means, blown out axle shaft bearings (eventually), and the potential for wheel bearings to take on much of the additional load support. Now, I know that alot of people are going to stand on a soap box, and go.."Look at the Navistar line of trucks.. they hang all kinds of armor off of those, this should be able to handle it."

Point to be made.. The Navistar trucks, arent welded together in someone's garage. They spent MILLIONS engineering those trucks, at taxpayers expense.. Of course those trucks like the MRAP can swing the weight around. but a modified M925 being put together via homebrewed ideology, in a garage, without serious dedicated engineering support, makes me step back a moment, and go.. "Hmmmm. What's the failure point?"

Now, I know alot of you guys will probably think I'm hammering this into the dirt, but from a Safety First stand point, and the amount of love and labor put into this.. I respect your work. ALOT. It's wicked.. I love it. I would just hate to see something horrific happen when you're out with family or in a spot where your miles from civilization.

5. Are you going to single out the rear? Keep the dual drive axles, or go single axle rear like the RG33?

All in all, some interesting questions.. just stuff I had rattling around in my head.. for instance.. Like gusseting the axle arms as they extend away from the pumpkins. That way it eliminates any sag in the lateral with the weight being added. Just some stuff to think about.

6. How far past the legal limit does the additional weight of the armor push the truck, like.. With the mods, does it now require a CDL to drive it? I ask because in Texas, the marker for the Non-CDL limit is 26,100lbs .. I think.. I could be wrong.. someone check on that for me.. I'm lazy.
Just love how many people think these trucks are weak in some way, I have guys pulling 120,000 lbs GCVW day in and out, log trucks so at least half of the weight is on the tractor. And as posted the wrecker runs around 40k with all the tools on it. Oh bit wait that's all on the back! Well they also made uparmored cabs for the 939 series trucks and they worked just fine.

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franksville wi
Well guys I'm back at it after a move to a new house 200 miles away.
Started with some loose ends and now mounting RG-31 bumper and right now I'm got it trimmed up and up side down but not sure if I like the way looks. My other option is 2 turn right side up, get ride of factory fairlead and cut rest of factory bumper off and sink mrap bumper back 8 or 10 inches. Also take headlight buckets off and put them beside grill eliminating round headlights and replacing them the square RG-31 lights.


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I have a couple of these bumpers, so I’m interested to see how you mount it/how you like it. I haven’t put a ton of thought into what I’m going to do with it.
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