M931/932A2 Civilian Trailer Question


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I am considering purchasing an M932A2 truck. I want to upgrade the cutter for my tractor to a 15' flex-wing cutter but the cutter is way too long for my current M925A2 with M322 trailer set up. I need at least a 35' trailer to fit the tractor with loader and a 15' flex-wing. I could order a civilian 35' trailer for my M925A2. I do have the conversion box already installed that steps down the voltage from 24 volts to 12 with the 7 way RV plug but I am worried about making the turns around corners in towns. I was considering a semi version of the 5 ton but I am not sure what civilian trailer would mate up to the tractor version of the 5 ton. Should I just invest in a longer trailer for my M925 or get a second truck? Personally, I would just like my current truck to do all the work, only one truck to maintain and buy parts for but I am open to the idea of a second truck. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks


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Lowboys are a little pricey. Plus a truck.

You can get 30 to 35ft deck tag trailers but they get steep as well.

Or simply rig up some type of gooseneck hitch on your truck rear and run a gooseneck trailer that will be cheaper and longer


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I remember when you first posted up about your combination and now its looks like your doing well and wanted to upgrade your equipment! Its good to hear your doing well. I think there are a few questions you need to answer before you know which way to go. Long tag trailers are a pain in tight areas. Do you see the need to upgrade in the future? Maybe a bigger/taller tractor that would need a low boy trailer to transport? Maybe 2 pieces of equipment at one job site? I always like to have room for expansion, because we all know, once you have the extra room, you will find a way to utilize it.

A tractor opens you up to many more options. Low boy trailers, dump trailers and etc. It would be another truck to maintain and a different trailer but the versatility of a tractor with a wet kit is huge. You can find some cheap older solid neck low boy trailers. If you run duals and get a new 5th wheel, it could be close to standard tractor. Also some of the hydraulic low boys have adjustable necks to compensate for different height trucks. It depends on what direction your looking to go.
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