M931A2 5-Inch Exhaust + Heat Shield


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Finally got around to finishing my exhaust conversion and adding a heat shield to the muffler. I used 5-inch steel exhaust tubing and elbows, along with a Donaldson single-stage muffler. I made my own adapter brackets that would bolt into stock exhaust/muffler locations, yet allow the muffler to stand vertical instead of angled like the stock setup. I used mild steel flat stock and square tubing to create the spacer bands for the heat shield.

The heat shield is made from 2 HEMTT heat shields; I cut them down to 47-inches total length, and trimmed 3/4"-inch off of each side. I used the cutoff side portion to weld on as an overlap seam between the two heat shield halves. I bolted the heat shield halves to the spacer bands using Grade 5 bolts/nuts.

I also fabbed up a smaller heat shield for the exhaust pipe underneath the muffler, along with an extra guillotine clamp I had left over. It helps keep EGTs slightly lower, cools the exhaust quicker, and I like the sound of the muffler...I've used the same muffler on 2 other trucks of mine and love it.

20151211_01.jpg 20151211_01a.jpg 20151211_01b.jpg

20151212_01.jpg 20151212_01a.jpg 20151212_01b.jpg 20151212_01c.jpg

20151213_01a.jpg 20151213_01b.jpg 20151213_01c.jpg
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