M939A2 Filter Numbers

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thanks bro.
I got it replaced, I later found out form another area on this site that during their overhauls, they sometimes added this a1 filter to the a2 trucks.

thank again for the input.
Here is a picture of this large canister fuel filter behind the drivers side front wheel on my M931A2 for reference.



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I finally found the part number in the TMs and found one on ebay. The TMs are a bit confusing of which one to look in.

Does anyone know what part I need to order to replace the missing power steering reservoir breather filter?

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Young buck looking for information.
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Just a update Don't know if anyone put these filers in the list. for M923A2

Oil filter

Baldwin # B205

big fuel filter driver side

Baldwin # PF316

Small fuel filter on engine.

Fleet guard # FF215 this one came off my truck it's a little longer and had a metal drain peacock on the bottom. or..
Fleet guard # FS 1251 this one is a little bit smaller but has a plastic peacock on the bottom. both work.


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This maybe listed somewhere else or just be a dumb question, but what about fluid types? Oil, transmission and power steering? M923A2 truck


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For those of you who wish to use all baldwin filters on your m939a2 ie(8.3l cummins) with automatic transmission. here is a list. Tranny filters etc there is plenty of information but for the most part baldwin filter numbers are scattered across different post etc.

Fuel water separator - bf1226

Big fuel filter driver side wheel well - pf316

Hydraulic filter spin on, upper left side wheel well passenger side. - bt230

Main oil filter - b205

Coolant filter - b5134

If you guys decide to install a coolant filter, the cast iron kit from eBay or Amazon is cheap and that baldwin filter will screw right up.

Engine Oil is 15-40 i use delo 400sde in all my trucks. You can get it from costco for $30 I buy 9 gallons. Or 2 boxes.

Antifreeze just regular green concentrated antifreeze from napa, autozone etc, just make sure it's quality green, I buy 6 gallons antifreeze and 6 gallons or one box of distilled water, I buy mountain mist distilled water from Costco. You can buy 6 gallons for about $5 even.

The sca additive is called napa cool -4058 used to treat the antifreeze after replacing. I usually buy the 64floz bottles, Highly recommend getting coolant test strips that test ph, nitrite and freeze point. You can get them from napa or Amazon.

Gear oil for all the diffs and anything else that uses 80-90w from napa, buy 5 gallon jugs cheaper, and you will need it all - np75213

Hydraulic oil aw-46 you can usually get it from Costco about $30 per 5 gallons, use for crane etc on 936a2.

Tranny oil, this is personal preference but I use the napa 85-405 heavy duty tractor, hydraulic and transmission oil, it meets Allison c4 requirements etc. ( 10w oil ) Get them in 5 gallon jugs. You should only need 1, 5 gallon jug to do the oil change in the automatic tranny.

Power steering oil, you can use the same tranny oil above for power steering 85-405 napa.

For those of you who have a starting fluid injection system, if you need a new bottle the part number is quick start diesel lp-535 you can also get the zerostart bottle from o'rilley auto parts # 8200327 I am sure auto zone and napa could cross reference that.

I only use baldwin oil filters, as I have a ton of experience with different brands and can tell you baldwin will stand up to the abuse. I use them in my marine applications and that is a brutal environment. So I decided to change all trucks also to baldwin a long time ago.
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