M939A2 Front Hub/Spindle Compatibility

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I want to convert my front axle to outboard brake drums. My M818 is currently equipped with M939/M939A1 wedge brakes. The simplest route is to convert to the M939A2 hub/drum combination. I am not looking for a functioning CTIS system. I know that the brake spiders, air chambers and shoes are the same across all M9393-series trucks.

So with that, my questions is, are the M939A2 hubs and bearings compatible with the front steer spindles found on the M939A1/M939/M809/M39-series trucks? TM 9-2320-272-24P-1, pages 0237-2 & 0237-3, indicate (per the Usable On Codes [UOC]) that the standard NON-CTIS spindle, p/n 7346982, is compatible across all the incarnations of the M939-series of trucks. I find myself second guessing the TM, so any verification out there would be greatly appreciated.


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No. Different inner bearings. Outer bearings are the same though.

It would depend on where the a2 hub sits on the spindle. You would have to check the taper and find a correct rear seal.
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