Major electrical power in the cab

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I am getting ready to install a 24 volt to 110 volt inverter in my truck and I want to put it in the cab to keep it out of the weather. So I was looking for a way to get 100 amps into the cab and I think I found it. The nice thing is that it was there already and it is easy to tap into. There are two contacts just above the accelerator pedal that have connections for positive and negative 24 volts. They were covered in the sticky junk that they put on everything but after I cleaned that off, there were two nuts just waiting to be used. So if you need less power then it would be easier to just tap into one of the circuit breakers in the "glove box".


ALSO, the nut on my ground was loose. I could easily move the wires with my hand. It is the black one below and a little left of the red connector. My truck did act strange sometimes, things working then not working, so maybe I have fixed some issues when I tightened the ground connections.


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I have an extreme outback 24v to 110 volt inverter that is rated at 100 amps. 2 gauge wire (battery cable) is required to source the 24 volts from the batteries. Good luck.
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