Maryland doesnt want me to own a Deuce!

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My deuce also has a 17 digit VIN as it came from the military. It is also listed on the gov liquidation paperwork. (Though they did get one digit wrong probably due to someone mid-reading that digit. I had gov liquidation correct that digit on the SF-97.) I heard (not claiming it’s true) that VINs issued for older/kit built vehicles are not 17 digits on purpose so it’s easy for the state to keep track of which vehicles are 17 digits from an automaker and which are not.

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I need to borrow this picture for some discussions of various state laws. A-ok?

Hello all! Ive been doing research on this site for some time now all leading up to one day owning and operating my own M35A2. That day is upon me. Ive picked it out and committed. I excitedly posted the photos on my social media and low and behold I received the following picture from a friend. I was defeated to say the least. I suppose my question is has anyone recently tagged/registered a M35A2 in Maryland and if you could share your experience? Ive read and searched on here for hours and the majority of posts are from years ago and Im just not sure if Im even able to get tags with all the rules and regs in this state. Thanks in advance for any and all responses!


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I wish there was someone who has tagged a MV in Maryland recently to reinstill faith in ownership and operation for me. I know it doesnt require inspection for historic and already asked State Farm so thats a go. Truck supposedly has title so I suppose I will start there and hope for the best?
I did 2 this year but only because they had not gotten the notice yet. And the last 4 I got did not say 'Off road use only'



Problems when going to DMV , at least in Cecil county
Went to 12min title/tag. . in and out with plates.
Got it inspected with no issues
My former mdarng commander is an statefarm agent - commercial policy for about 850/yr

This last one is a 97 lmtv and I have commercial plates
If you get historic (over 25yrs old for 10k + lbs ) there is (was ) no inspection.
MD has been (supposedly) cracking down on this
I have had my plates for 2 years, in the bag, in my cab, never displayed.
Been asked one time , and showed the trooper the plates, reg and ins info and he said cool and left me alone ...

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