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The Museum has an MB that looks good, it is a mix master, has odd things installed in the wrong places, etc., but in solid shape. It is one that goes out for display at Veterans events and other places. It runs and drives nicely. Craig noticed that the steering was getting hard just before the last time out. I looked at it, the bell crank had lots of play in it and even with the front off the ground, it had a very bad hard spot in it when turning. I pulled the column out of it and found the sector shaft bent where the worm gear rides on it. There are alot of donor chassis out in the back 40, so I pulled one out, disassembled it and fund that in almost as bad of shape. Found another one, this one with a body on it, brought it to the shop, pulled the bell crank and column out of it. This one was in great shape. Craig wanted to order some stuff from Brent Mullins, so he got a horn kit, shifter boot kit, horn slip ring, a steering box rebuild kit and a bell crank needle bearing kit.

All the parts came in, got the box cleaned and rebuilt, installed the needle bearings in the bell crank, and all the other little goodies installed. The column/box and bell crank came off of a Ford chassis, but fit nicely. The box is F script, didn't see anything on the bell crank. I was horrible at pictures this time, I will get a few more of things as it sits now. Steering is like power assisted now!


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