Mep 002 temperature question


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The answer depends on several factors. I have not taken an IR cylinder reading under full load, however the following should tell you what you want to know:

From the TM: "When the engine air temperature reaches approximately 120° F (49° C), the shutters begin to open. The shutters are completely open at 140° F
(60° C). The cooling system contains a high temperature cut-out switch that shuts down the engine if the engine temperature reaches 394°F (201°C)."

So, knowing the average temperature of a unit running under full load (5 kw) would depend on several factors. Mainly altitude unit is operating at, ambient air temperature and humidity.

The unit is designed so that it can run at:

5 kW, 60 Hz, Sea Level: Minus 25° F (-31.7° C) to plus 125° F (+51.7° C)
5 kW, 60 Hz, 5000 feet: Minus 25° F (-31.7° C) to plus 107° F (+41.7° C)
4.5 kW, 60 Hz, 8000 feet: Minus 25° F (-31.7° C) to plus 95° F (+35.0° C)

Also, keep in mind that these units have a nice oil cooler that contributes to engine cooling in addition to air moving over the cylinder fins and out the cooling shutters. So I doubt you will have any issues when running a full load within these parameters at your elevations in Florida.

Of course this is all dependent on a unit that that is in good running condition, with all the engine shrouds in place and properly fastened, nor any issues such as: low compression, faulty injectors or heavily rust encrusted cylinder fins.
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