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new orleans, la
Has anyone removed the AC output control box assembly to simplify the generator, to remove all the extra equipment to convert it to a regular generator single phase 220 volt?

I also had a problem with mine, the wire from the control to the breaker over heated and melted in half, I replaced the main breaker and wire and it has power in the outlet and load terminals at start-up, but once I connect it up to the camp it loses power. Any suggestions why it could be doing this?



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Tisbury, Massachusetts
It is possible to remove control and output boxes, re wire the 12 leads from generator and get split phase 220V. That would make it similar to the civilian Onan model DJE (I think). You would also have to provide a new voltage regulator (AVR) and the battery charging circuit would have to be worked around. You would also loose your gauges. Probably more work than it is worth unless you are already well versed in generator repair, and most on this forum could not help, tech manuals would not apply anymore.

Hopefully someone can help with your second question, sounds like you probably fried something. What was circumstance of wire melting ? a picture might help.
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