MEP 15A 1.5 kw carb leaking


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OK, here is the problem. The butterfly shaft that runs through the carb on my 1.5kw generator and connects to the engine speed governor on the side is leaking gas. From there a linkage runs down inside the generator. Gas is leaking out along that shaft and then trickling down the linkage into my engine oil. I have a rebuild kit for the generator, but there is no real seal for that shaft. Only 2 gaskets for the engine speed governor assembly on the side of the carb and they don't seem to have a real tight seal on that shaft. Is the shaft worn down now and made enough play to allow gas through or is it the 2 gaskets that might be the culpret? The two older gaskets don't seem worn out at all to me. Has anybody had this problem before. I know saturn sells new carbs, but if this can be fixed fairly cheap there is no need to spend $38 on a new carb altogether. Also has anybody ever attached another muffler to these units to reduce noise further as it is pretty loud running. Thanks.


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Check with mangus, he uses 2A016s to power everything from conveyor belts to garage door openers.


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My suggestion? Buy a new carb... hell, buy a spare, these engines 'eat' carbs if you dont keep on them!

As for a muffler? I have an 'extended pipe' on my woodsplitter, that bends around and shoots out the carb side of the engine below it. It originally had a 'small engine' muffler/spark arrestor on it, but that fell off a while back. Rest of the pipe is stainless though! (yes, I have a stainless exhaust on my WOOD SPLITTER!!)

and kenny..... no garage door openers, that would require having a garage!!!
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