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I got one! I’ve been eyeballing these for years....finally pulled the trigger.....and I might be ready to take a bite of the #2 sandwich (Unit DOA).

But first, the filters you’ll need on the MEP 362 - primary & secondary fuel.....and a gearbox filter. The primary fuel filter is the Donaldson...about $10. The secondary is a Parker Hannifin filter....type 15, 10 micron ...$80. The gearbox filter is a spin on Fram 3600....about $10. See pictures for part#’s.

I bought the generator from GP showed it was in pieces, so I knew this would be a project. What I hadn’t counted on....were the top covers being left off for years (the 28v generator is locked up solid). I’m hoping this is the only unresolved issue (I was able to wire it back up, schematics were spot on)....but it looks like this unit was a “parts” unit for the filters/voltage potentiometer. It attempted to “start”, but when the starter pulled the voltage down under 20v, no rotation....time to pull off the 28v generator.

Having fun!


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Not familiar with this unit, what type of engine powers it? Looks interesting! Would like to see a video once its running.

Good luck with its return to service!


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It’s a Tiernay TT10 .turbine engine. It runs at 50,000 RPM with a gear reducer to 12,000 RPM for the 28v generator. The trailer is aluminum (luckily the only items that have corroded are the zoos? screws and the 28v generator. The prestolite starter is sealed, gearbox complately sealed ..except for the missing breather cap on top...where rain got in a 1/8” hole....fingers crossed). It uses Aeroshell 500 turbine oil (4 qts) in the gearbox.....and I’ve flushed it twice at $15/quart (low viscosity....almost like mineral oil).

It’s set up to start helicopter turbines at If I can get it running, might make an “electric” go cart using 24v motors (unless I can get an afterburner on the exhaust to work for thrust, but likely not enough power). Also considered using the exhaust to melt the 1/2 of ice we get on our access road.

This is a “have fun, see what we can do with it” project. Now if I owned a UH-1 .....
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