MEP 802A Fix-up Thread


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So, I found some of the padding that is used as a sound damper in the dumpster while at work. It was in all kinds of strange cuts, but I took what I could from it & placed it around the generator. Not sure if it will make a difference at all, but it won't hurt anything. Made a small holder for my logbook for maintenance as well. Hopefully, more will pop up so I can finish it off. Ashamed how wasteful the military is. The stuff I find in there...

99424097_283830466340736_8843222492915957760_n.jpg 98551335_1001797876890009_8192125641483616256_n.jpg 98201570_3109193745807866_6248662058259185664_n.jpg 99117444_722641218507182_2162327106514583552_n.jpg 97999213_885160551957417_1992342694759759872_n.jpg


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Burgkunstadt, Germany
People. If you want to know if something is in the set, look at the parts TM. As far as I remember, the only place the sound deadning material is installed in the 802, is on the bottom of a plate under the engine. On the 803, as far as I remember, its only installed also on the plate, and the rear air intakes.
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