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MEP 804a


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@Captain Ray Paul, I would suggest to wait for @Guyfang until he gets back. I believe that he thought that you may have water inside the K1 contactor.
Guy is probably going to merge this thread with your original thread. I think there are forum rules which prohibit posting the same issue in multiple different threads.
It becomes to complicated to follow and help someone with the same issue when they are spread out over multiple threads.
I did not have experienced this particular issue you are experiencing, so @Guyfang would be the person with the most experience with your problem



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Peter is correct. The same problem in two or more threads is a no go. I will be merging the threads.

Where are you taking your voltages readings from? The TB1?

But until I do, I would first ensure that the wires are all correctly hooked up, BY THE WIRE DIAGRAM. Normally what I did when I am troubleshooting on such a problem, is unhook all the wires. Look at the wire diagram to re-hook things up. It has happened several times to me, when I was young and dumb, that someone wired something up wrong. Then along came PFC Guy, and unhooked wires, marking them as I did so. Then re-hook the wires up. When you do it this way, you simply repeat someone else's mistake. To be 100% sure, unhook them all. Then re-hook them up. Then and only then can you say you KNOW its right. If you have the same problem after re-hooking them up, plan B. That would be to take out K1. You can test it IAW the -24 TM, on the work bench. I also would take the K1 apart, This device is extremely well known to have water and corrosion in it. That can cause it to Not function right, partially function right or short itself out in side. But first things first, TB1. Check and test.
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