MEP-8xx series fuel pump


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Was it "downhill" from your reserve tank to the generator? If so, perhaps the aux pump ran once, stopped, then gravity made the mess via syphoning.


I had the aux fuel pump level switch hang up on me one time in my 802 and the aux pump just kept pumping. I was watching the refill and was able to stop the aux pump by switching S1 from "Aux Fuel" to "Prime and Run". I reached into the tank and moved the switch floats up and down which seemed to fix the problem. But now I don't trust an automatic refill: I'm always standing by when the Aux Fuel Pump is on. My machine is configured as it was by the military - no auto start. There's a switch available on Ebay: 6680-01-450-6330. Check the TMs for troubleshooting and details. TMs here:
The same thing happened to me. Aux pump cut-out float stuck and overfilled the tank. No spill as I was there and watching but I will not use the aux pump unattended. The convenience is not worth the hassle of cleaning up a spill.


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Gentlemen, I got the E8135 installed for the primary pump, It installed well in the factory position. The top line is a bit of a stretch, but I got it to reach and hooked up. Runs like a champ again. Next weekend I'm going to replace the Aux pump as it has failed too. I'm going to Light In The Dark's post as a reference. I'm actually hunting a second generator for my neighbor. He likes my set-up and wants to duplicate it at his place. I'm going to check the classifieds now. If anyone has an alternate source for an MEP 803 it would be much appreciated. Thanks again fellas!
How did you stretch the input line, it's tight with the OE cube pump. Have any pictures?
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