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Welcome to the June 2020 MV of the Month Nomination Thread!

To submit a nomination the rules are :

1. - You may nominate your own vehicle or another SS Members vehicle (please get the member's permission first). Do not nominate vehicles not owned by an SS Member.

2. - ONE good photo must be submitted with your nomination. PLEASE POST ONLY ONE PICTURE AND NOT A LINK!!!

3. - Previous winning vehicles from the current year cannot be re-nominated.

4. - One vehicle nomination per member per month unless you nominate another member's vehicle...not your own. You can ONLY nominate ONE of your own. (It's to keep things fair).

5. - We ask for 10 vehicles per month for the contest. Once we get 10 vehicles nominated OR at 20:00hrs (8PM) on 15 June 2020, (whichever comes first), the nomination thread will close and the "Vote Thread" will open as soon as The Boss can open it. All times listed are Eastern Standard Times.

6. - Please do not "campaign" for your favorite MV on THIS thread...wait for the "Vote Thread" then have at it!!

Now come on folks, let's see those beautiful MV's you have so we can all enjoy them.


Tacoma WA
I'll plug this in now since it's perfect the way it is. Might not have doors and is a little windy on the hwy (Jeep style AC) but easy access cab up or down.

Everyone is correct on the amount of attention and conversations.

Glad to be apart of a great group.

The work horse.20200520_091930.jpg


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Floridianson, I know where your coming from. I used to restore vintage Harley-Davidsons, mostly Knuckle Heads and Pan Heads. My last one was a 1958 Duo Glide, it was a 7 year restoration and I kept it original right down to the Tank Shift and Rocker Clutch. The engine was a stock 74 except for an Andrews A Grind cam. Then I got bitten by the green bug!!

Bill Nutting

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Wow, a very nice M151A2 with all the trimmings! Bill, where have you been hiding this?
Thanks! We restored this 151 for my wife from 2014 - 2016. It scored 99.07% at the 2017 convention. We had a lot of help from a couple of guys. One of them know these MUTTS inside and out, the other guy was a sheet metal and mechanical genius. We taught my wife, Jan, how to weld, grind, and paint. Turned out that she had a real feel for grinding welded patches. We plugged a bunch of holes and rebuilt the usual rust areas. It’s all steel. We didn’t use any filler on it. Jan had neck surgery half way through the project. Somewhere I have pictures of her grinding welds with a neck brace on...
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