My 1st MUTT


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Hi there!
Well I have ventured into my 1st MUTT ownership. Its a 1968 M151A1 ex EU imported into Australia about 18 mths a go by its owner who has owned it for quite some years. Any of the MUTT series are very rare here is Australia with only a hand full being imported over the years.

It had a strip down resto when he was liveing in Europe.
I fork out the folding stuff latter this week.



Lynden WA
Lots of information on correct markings etc. out there if you want to go full-on authentic. Nice beast! Welcome to the M151 owners fraternity. It's really hard to hop in any other type of military jeep and drive it after you've driven a 151 for any length of time. :)

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Centralia, Washington
M151A1 info

once you become accustomed to the quirks of the 151, it's true---you won't want to swap it for other military jeeps. if you haven't got them already, find the manuals. there's a wealth of info in them that will be especially helpful, since your post stated there aren't many 151's around, and therefore there aren't many experienced mechanics, which may lead to you doing your own repairs. this is another area where the 151 makes it easy for you, as they are not a difficult vehicle to fix. good luck, have fun.


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Cheers guys!
I am realy looking forward to getting it back home. Cant see it happening till after easter break. enough idiots on the road with out adding one more. All vehicles have their limitations if you push them beyond what they like.
BTW I have added a few picks of my other toys in the "members rides" section.
Not sure if we will be driveing it the 600 odd miles home or trailer it?



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Abilene, Texas
March 29th, 2012.

Definitely a nice M151. Just remember to watch the main crossmemember for rust, and don't drive like Mad Max, as this model was a bit touchy in some turning situations... All in all, I'd be :drool: over it.
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