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My deuce loses power

My M35A2 wouldn’t start at all so I replaced all fuel filters and cleaned out the tank and lines. They were varnished bad.

I replaced the injectors with new.

I replaced the rusted out J-pipe.

It now starts with starting fluid when cold. Before it didn’t need the help. When warmed up it will start without ether.

I replaced the air filter.

I did an oil/filter change.

Fuel pump sounds like it is working.

Turbo sounds fine.

Revs to redline fine.

Runs and drives fine at low speeds. After running it up to 4th and 5th gear on a flat road with the pedal to the floor it bogs down and also if going up a grade it does the same. It won’t go faster than 30mph. If I push it then it stalls out as if the fuel is starved. Oil pressure at start is about 65-75psi but after the work out it drops to about 55psi.

I’m not sure where to go from here.

Thank you for any suggestions.


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I think you might be answering your own question. If it sounds/feels fuel starved, it likely is.
You discovered crud in the tank and varnish. That stuff was likely also in the several yards of fuel line, supply and return. When that material starts moving, it can clog up new filters.

Take the primary filter off and check it.

Perhaps take the supply and return lines off at the engine and blow them back towards the tank with compressed air to make sure they are free.

Other issue can be a rubber fuel line that swells internally, creating a restriction.

You can put a gauge on top of the fuel tank . There is an unused port in the block where the supply line comes out. When the engine is off, in-tank pump running, you should see about 7 psi there.

A fuel gauge at the secondary filters should show ....trying to remember....around 60 psi. Not sure but in that neighbourhood.

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Agree do a pressure check at the bleed screw that is between the secondary and final fuel filter. 30 psi min. at idle and 60 min. at high idle. Myself I do not need a pressure gage to tell me if my in tank pump is working just turn on the in tank and see if you have any pressure / flow at the bleed screw. Then report back.
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