My new Kubelwagen - Schwimmwagen Visual History book


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At last, my new Visual History series book which covers the Kubelwagen and the Schwimmwagen, has arrived. This is a 136-page book, which could not have been done without the considerable help of the members of the KubelKorps group.

While there are several pages of archival photos, the bulk of the book consists of color photos of the most accurately and completely restored examples of these vehicles in North America. The chronology of the production of these vehicles is told through these photos and detailed captions, clearly painting the picture of what details changed when.

For those of you who reserved copies, the invoices have now been sent via PayPal. Those orders will be shipped as the payments are received.

For those that did not reserve copies, I still have a few left - which are available via my website, or at my booth at the MVPA convention next month!

Thanks to all!

David Doyle

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Do you have the US Army manual in english for the Kubelwagen? If not, let me know.
I don't have the english manual, Guyfang, and don't need one either way (in deutsch, or english) but thanks for checking.

And while we're here on the subject check out this special Kubelwagen; wild, huh?!



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Just a little update. While on the autobahn last friday, I passed a Kubelwagen. It was on a low boy, with another old german army cargo truck. Sadly I was doing 170+ KMH, and before I could get slowed down, and my camera out, I was about 6 klicks down the road. Traffic was real heavy, and sudden maneuvers are not a good idea at that speed or traffic congestion. But for the few seconds I did get to stare, it sure looked fine! Sunny day, not covered up with a canvas to protect it from rain. Fine looking thing!
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