Nartron smart start question


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The Nartron does not have a yellow band like the KDS brand, but it is grey and has the proper part number which ends in -2.
You can use a -2 yellow label KDS also.


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I beleive ANY yellow banded TSU can be utilized. The docs I have scene state the S3 is backwards compatible....but NOT to a Glow plug controller.
the TSU that comes in the Box is the "A" version, but I use them with the older cr2696 with no issues.
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Here is info from the docs, perhaps this should be added to the sticky on hard starting.

NSN 6110-01-542-7901
KDS part # CR-2701

S3 Enhancements over the EESS
A backwards compatible design with improvements for known fieldissues:

Elimination of pulsing headlamps and voltmeter gauges.
Immunity to glow plug re-activation when horn is used.
Provides for lower current starter switch as well as starter lockout while engine is running.
Does not flash the wait-to-start lamp during default mode operation to avoid operator confusion.
Operates with same temperature sensor as used for the EESS.
Immunity to relay icing.
Improved glow plug tip temperature control.
Vehicle ground fault tolerant.
Newly developed sealing system to meet stricter requirements.
Meets more severe EMI requirements.
Over current protection added for the wait-to-start and brake warning lamp circuits.
Withstands ESD for packaging and handling classification test of SAE J1113-13 to +25kV.
Uses chemical agent resistant coating (CARC).
Diagnostics through SAE J1939 compliant data bus.
Compatible with other SAE J1939 components.
Monitors and records unit parameters as an additional aid for system troubleshooting.
Electrical serialization providing for lot traceability.
Field reprogrammable to meet future enhancements and upgrades utilizing existing equipment.
Field useable application for Maintenance Support Device (MSD) is available for the S3 and vehicle diagnostics.

S3 Diagnostic Capabilities

The S3 has the capability to monitor the following fault conditions and report them over a J1939 CAN bus:

System voltage too high for operation.
System voltage too low for operation.
Glow plugs not connected / open.
Glow plugs shorted.
Glow plug driver failure.
Temperature probe fault high or low.
Glow Plug Controller used in place of Temperature Probe.
Wait-to-start lamp over current.
Brake lamp over current.
Relay fault.
Gate voltage too low.
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