Need a 6x6 Road Tractor in Central Florida

This may not be the correct forum, if not, please let me know where to best post this.

I have a 40' sea shipping container (Conex) filled with personal household stuff. It is sitting in a field which is now mostly loose sand (NOT MUD) and any conventional truck is absolutely going to get stuck. I have a few different plans depending on what kind of help (equipment) I can round up. The container is roughly 500 yards from stable ground where a normal road tractor/trailer or U-Haul type truck could potentially operate.

The container is in the Groveland are and the contents (and or entire container) ultimately need to end up in the Palm Coast area.

Potentially someone here has a 6x6 tractor and a flat bed trailer with a loading winch. Winch the container up onto the trailer and haul it to Palm Coast.
6x6 tractor and a dry van/box trailer. We transfer the stuff into the new trailer and bring it to PC.
Something like a 2 1/2 or 5 ton truck with a flatbed. Move the stuff to the flatbed, drive about 500 yards to a waiting normal road semi truck/trailer and load into there, use the road tractor/trailer to move to PC.

How many M925s would it take to move a load that size? Maybe a few trucks could convoy? Get 3 or 4 (or 5 or 6??) trucks and some guys and make a "Party" out of it?? Somebody wanna bring a kitchen trailer? - I'll buy the food! (Not really much of a party but you get the idea....)

I have a class A CDL and drive an over the road truck every day so potentially if someone has equipment they are willing to rent me that could work.

Bottom line is I am open to pretty much any plan that safely gets the stuff from A to B. Obviously I'm willing to pay a reasonable fee for equipment and or manpower. Potentially, I could contact a moving company to hire some manpower for the actual transfer of the stuff from conex to truck to other truck or whatever. So, please let me know what you have in mind to get this job done.

The time frame for this move will be sometime mid August to late September, possibly early October if need be. There is a fair amount of flexibility in t he exact schedule depending on what I can work out with this rather odd transportation need. Also, fortunately, (Hopefully?!) it will be a lot less hot then.

Standing by for ideas...


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Those 40 ft boxes are 7000 lbs tare. I drag mine around empty with a 915 in a dry grass pasture without issue. The box lifts up about a foot when I pull on it. It’s empty though.


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I can get a regular road tractor and trailer to go get it but once loaded I'm sure it will get stuck. Maybe someone has a 6x6 tractor that once the trailer is loaded could then hook to the trailer and get it up to the road?
Is there a deadline to have it moved by? I've got a regular road tractor with a winch but I've got a m1022a1 that can lift the container off the ground. My tractor has a winch that could then pull the dolly out if its wet or Carry it out
Is there a deadline to have it moved by? I've got a regular road tractor with a winch but I've got a m1022a1 that can lift the container off the ground. My tractor has a winch that could then pull the dolly out if its wet or Carry it out
No deadline. Trying to arrange to get it done maybe September? Give or take a month?

Your plan sounds workable! I looked up the m1022a1. It looks like it is a wheel set made spefifically to move these boxes. Is that correct?

Is the winch on the front of the tractor or on the catwalk?


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Think about getting a winch truck to lift the front and some kind of rough terrain forklift to lift the back as the resistance set up by dragging the back will be intense. I know this because I used to winch CONEX boxes onto a landoll trailer and the best way to do that was get the front up on the trailer, release the brakes on the truck and winch the truck back under the box. Thus only the front was moving in relationship to what was under it and that was on steel not dirt.


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Ok, I'll weigh into this. I have a 10x10 hemtt PLS M1074 with a CHU (cargo handling unit) with a crane and winch if it doesn't go as planned, which it will.. The PLS has a roll back with total lift capacity of 30 tons. It is made for 20 ft containers not 40s.

I think I can get it to a hard surface. I live in Atlanta. Anytime works for me, not doing anything terribly important right now like everyone else.
Greetings all.... (again)..

After many false starts I am finally able to say I have a date for this move. Anytime after December 22, and the sooner after that date the better.

I have access to a road tractor/trailer if needed so at a minimum I just need to get the container to the road.

As a reminder, I am willing to pay a reasonable amount to get this done.

Please let me know what you have in mind..


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Just out of idle curiosity, how did this get sorted out? I have the opposite identical problem, I can get the container on a hard road 150ft from where it needs to be, across sand, and all I've got is a LMTV. I don't want to drag it for fear of tearing it up.
Just out of idle curiosity, how did this get sorted out?
Well it is still in the same spot. I am now ready to move it ASAP if I can find someone to help. I have the road transport truck lined up i just need to find someone that can either move it to the road or hook to the front of the road truck with something large enough to matter and has all wheel drive to help the road truck get through the soft spots to get to the road. The delivery end is not (or at least SHOULD not) be a problem.

Anyone able to help?
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