Need a 6x6 Road Tractor in Central Florida

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This may not be the correct forum, if not, please let me know where to best post this.

I have a 40' sea shipping container (Conex) filled with personal household stuff. It is sitting in a field which is now mostly loose sand (NOT MUD) and any conventional truck is absolutely going to get stuck. I have a few different plans depending on what kind of help (equipment) I can round up. The container is roughly 500 yards from stable ground where a normal road tractor/trailer or U-Haul type truck could potentially operate.

The container is in the Groveland are and the contents (and or entire container) ultimately need to end up in the Palm Coast area.

Potentially someone here has a 6x6 tractor and a flat bed trailer with a loading winch. Winch the container up onto the trailer and haul it to Palm Coast.
6x6 tractor and a dry van/box trailer. We transfer the stuff into the new trailer and bring it to PC.
Something like a 2 1/2 or 5 ton truck with a flatbed. Move the stuff to the flatbed, drive about 500 yards to a waiting normal road semi truck/trailer and load into there, use the road tractor/trailer to move to PC.

How many M925s would it take to move a load that size? Maybe a few trucks could convoy? Get 3 or 4 (or 5 or 6??) trucks and some guys and make a "Party" out of it?? Somebody wanna bring a kitchen trailer? - I'll buy the food! (Not really much of a party but you get the idea....)

I have a class A CDL and drive an over the road truck every day so potentially if someone has equipment they are willing to rent me that could work.

Bottom line is I am open to pretty much any plan that safely gets the stuff from A to B. Obviously I'm willing to pay a reasonable fee for equipment and or manpower. Potentially, I could contact a moving company to hire some manpower for the actual transfer of the stuff from conex to truck to other truck or whatever. So, please let me know what you have in mind to get this job done.

The time frame for this move will be sometime mid August to late September, possibly early October if need be. There is a fair amount of flexibility in t he exact schedule depending on what I can work out with this rather odd transportation need. Also, fortunately, (Hopefully?!) it will be a lot less hot then.

Standing by for ideas...
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