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Hello all. Looking for advice on unit bumper markings. The unit I wish to place on my 1944 Command Car is 2nd Cavalry Group, 42nd Reconnaissance Squadron, Troop A (this was the unit that stole into Czechoslovakia to rescue the Lipizzaner horses at the end of the war). Their organization going up the chain is as follows:
Troop (equates to Company) A; 42nd Reconnaissance Squadron (equates to Battalion (?)); 2nd Cavalry Group (equates to Regiment); they were not attached to a Division; XII Corp; Third Army. As I said, they were not attached to a Division they were instead attached directly to XII Corp.
The Army AR 850-5 is a little confusing and contradictory on how to handle the Recon Sqdn/Battalion vs Group/Regiment vs Troop/Company. Any suggestions? Anybody have any pics of this unit’s bumper markings? Thanks.


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your A Troop and vehicle number are probably going to be separate on the (as you face the vehicle) right bumper/bumperette.

as you're looking for older numbering than I'm used to, I'd say something along the lines of 2D CAV - 42 REC SQD or 42d RECON. During WWII they also used graphics as markings a lot more than we do today.
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