New gal from NY


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Well, as for the 13,000 views in a day, it's pretty neat to see a girl enter this arena. I owned a M1028 for about 2 hours once. It now belongs to my wife and though she hasn't subscribed to this board, she does say that the CUCV is her's and she's awaiting an 8 inch lift and mods to install the HMMWV wheel's and tires before the GA Rally next year so she can hit the trails. You might have to look closely but in the second pic, my wife is riding with the boys in the M105 being pulled behind her Cave stored CUCV now named "Sarge the Ranger School Truck" thanks to my son Joey's imagination and his need to name everything!!!

Back to topic, welcome to the site Ma'am.



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Hmm, are those pajamas, costumes or the way you dress everyday in Ga? :lol: Do you have a matching outfit?


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OK that guy in the BUZZ Lightyear outfitt is a bit to much.:shock::cookoo: Kids even if there from Georgia can wear anything they want. Holloween is strickly for kids and not for grown men. Now if the ladies want to dress up as French maids for the office party or Cat Women then more power to them. [thumbzup]:beer:
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Hi there welcome from NJ nice to see another of the fairer sex here I am a new a well, a guy from NJ nice looking Judy there :wink: if I may ask, how did you pick that name


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Hi again, What a crazy bunch...Thank you for the warm welcome...( I tried to go on here before but the site wouldnt load, you didnt scare me I never post and ditch..

I think there were a few questions. Where am I, for one.. I have a farm in Western Ny, about an hour south of Buffalo. I'm a chemist/farmer...not in that order
Yes, I read all the forum rules and I wont make rude sexist comments...unless I'm being paid for it...j/k

Whyme-I grew up in North Collins, Angola was my stomping grounds. Ma and Pa' still have their farm in NC.
I named the truck Judy, after an old mare we had; old, slow n steady...
sandcobra- cute children!
JimK-Did I call to the horses or were they nosy? I said, "hey, Say "Wiskey" to the horses" and they looked and said "Wiskey".
Warthog-thanks for telling me about the manuals. I didnt see them before.
surfdog- "snow" - thats affirmative
lonegunman- I thought we cant post pics without a steel green vehicle in it
Its nice to know 3 ladys got my back here, comforting:wink:
13,000 thats has to be an errror huh?

Ok, well about the truck, I know plugs are burned, as I pulled them out. Its time to make a decision, 24 or 12v. Its like, the truck only has 24,000 miles, I'd hate to keep replacing plugs, 24 v is a lot of power. And I would hate to be all alone in the allegany mountains and go to leave and have a dead truck, a horse in the trailer and no cell signal there.. Sounds to me if I go 12, it will be more dependable. Is this the case? I really need dependable.
Now if I could find a man with that quality..:idea:.hmm


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Lady, GM wipers some times loose their ground internally.Make a ground wire and attach it to the housing mounting screw and drill a small hole and use a self tapper into the fire wall. This has worked for me in the past.New myself,great so far.
motor easy,Bob:smile:
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