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Tallahassee, FL

My name is Rob. I work at a car and truck accessory shop, and we came across a customer who had a deuce and a half for sale. I've wanted one for years so I ended up buying it.

Here's where I need some opinions. The guy had started to bob the thing. He took out the driveshafts. He cut out the rivets from the frame plates that hold the rear ends in place. He cut the brake lines because the banjo bolt fittings were rusted and rounded off. He removed the gas tank and the 12' bed. Here's what I've done since I got the thing two months ago:

I bought Grade 8 bolts and bolted the plates back to the frame and the rear end assembly (pics up soon). Should I also weld the whole thing onto the frame? Is there a need? I'm definitely not going to abuse this thing, probably on-road driving 99% of the time.

I bought more bolts and put the driveshafts back in. I bought MORE bolts and put the gas tank on and got the pump running. I primed the fuel and it cranked right up. In two hours I had it driving around the parking lot with no brakes.

This past week, I took ALL the brake lines off the truck. I've got a buddy that makes lines and I got steel braided for the entire truck for $250. Here's another question: I filled the brakes up with Dot 5, pumped the brakes about 30 times and the brakes work GREAT. How? I didn't even bleed them? I don't wanna leave the parking lot and lose brakes.

Other than some seat covers and getting some gauges to work, I'm ready to drive this thing around town! I'm excited.
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