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Hello all, I was directed here by some of the guys on HMVF (historic military vehicle forum).

I currently own a 'sort of' replica military Land Rover but have a hankering for a Deuce... hence joining here.

I see there are a handfull of other UK members, but hello to all and I look forward to posting.

I hope my sig and stuff is all in order... happy to recieve advice :wink:


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Austin, Texas
Hello new guy!
Welcome to steel Soldiers!
I am also a member of HMVF, but I'm sure that the reason they directed you here is because of your future vehicle choice. HMVF is very much centered around WWII, similar to the US G503 forum. I'm not saying anything negative about HMVF, they are an excellent site, but they don't have a lot of deuce owners. Steel Soldiers is an excellent site and they do have a lot of deuce owners, some of them in the UK. You will find more information on this site about private ownership and repair of deuces than you will ever be able to read. As far as registration difficulties, etc., look for the UK owners here and put your questions directly to them. The time you spend researching the subject will save you a lot of running about later.
It is a great idea to download the free technical manuals on this site and read them at your leisure. Then you will have a good idea of what you are getting into.
They are a few members here who are also expat's, we departed Blighty and came to the colonies to start a new life. I served both in the British armed forces and the US military, so I like vehicles from both sides of the pond. I used to be a Janner but now I'm a Texan. I'm also frequently confused.
Big welcome to steel Soldiers!
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