New M923 Boarding Ladder from THOSE MILITARY GUYS

Those Military Guys

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New Cargo Truck Tailgate Ladder from THOSE MILITARY GUYS

Those Military Guys
(Formerly CCW-Venture) would like to show you our new product for cargo trucks - the Tailgate Ladder.

The Tailgate Ladder allows easy access to the cargo area of your truck. The welded steel framework is strong, lightweight, and it looks good, too. It is secured using four grade-8 bolts. Two of the bolts (1/2") use the existing holes where the foot loop was bolted, and the other two bolts (3/8") use holes that have been drilled through the face of the tailgate.

Since this ladder replaces the existing foot loop, it can be used on either the right or left side of the tailgate. You can also mount one on each side of the tailgate. In addition to making entry and exit from the cargo area easy for anyone, the Tailgate Ladder also gives you more leverage when lowering and raising the tailgate, thereby making the job much easier.

With the tailgate in the closed position, the uppermost part of the Tailgate Ladder is even with the top of the troop seats.




What you get -
One Tailgate Ladder
Grade-8 mounting hardware, including bolts, nuts, and washers
Installation instructions​

Price is $155
You can order this item using either PayPal or your credit/debit card.

Our PayPal I.D. is
You can contact us at 909-703-1400 or

Thank you,

Those Military Guys


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