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San Angelo, Tom Green County, Texas USA
Welcome aboard :D

Find a bunk, stow your gear, and prepare to get underway :driver:

Thank you for your community service as a firefighter!

Where abouts in NE PA are you?
Although I was raised in northern NJ (8 miles from the WTC in NYC) we summered (and every drive-able weekend) at Lake Silkworth (west of Wilkes-Barre).
I kiddingly say I was raised schizophrenic.... I had my city life and I had my country life, and NEVER the twain should meet. My folks got us kids out of the city where too many kids got bored and into trouble in the summer. They showed me fresh air and friendly people there. Later, after enlisting, the USAF showed me west Texas and I added WIDE OPEN SPACES to my list of fresh air and friendly people. I settled here in San Angelo in 1979 after my discharge. But I still cherish great memories of my country life at the Lake.

Again, WELCOME!!!

SS Chaplain
San Angelo, TX, USA
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