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Norman, OK
Hi Robert! This is Leo and I live in Grove, OK. I have had to get titles in the past for other stuff and it isn't very hard to do. I found people who do this work in newspapers such as the Ad Tracker, Thrifty Nickle, etc. I am the proud owner of both an M1008 and an M1009. I love these trucks. As for insurance, both of my trucks are insured by State Farm. They are very inexpensive to insure.
Hey Leo! I have fond memories as a kid visiting Grove during trips to Shanghai La at Grand Lake. My family used to have a condo there. Fun times!


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Mesa, AZ
Think about doing the thorough inspection where the vehicle stands. Otherwise prepare to trailer it home. Breakdowns on the road will cost more than the trailer rental. Along with all these touchy-feeley welcome posts here, this is is one you can take to heart: Don't make a move without the pubs: operators' manual. organizational maintenance manual and lubrication order. Read the reading. A military truck is similar but not identical to the civilian equivalent, but if it is set up for a military radio, which is 24v, the wiring will be different. 2 batteries and 2 alternators for instance. A M1009 will also have a pintle hook in the back (or at least it did when new) for towing. Trailer plug will be for a 24 volt military trailer though Lubricate everything; including hinges, throttle and shift linkages, door latches, all the "oil can points."
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