New owner. Need Military electric test adapter?

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Hello. I just purchased a restored 1952 M37. The previous owner had the entire engine and electrical system rebuilt, factory 24 volt system. Currently, the GEN/Batt gauge only registers @ the top of the yellow so my assumption is that the Generator is not charging. I have the TM 9-8030 and from what I can tell, there are special adapters required to test the generator/regulator ETC. Are these still available? or is there a workaround where I can use a modern multimeter to test these.
The previous owner had disconnected the ground cable at the battery every time the truck was parked so my assumption is that the Generator needs to be re polarized but according to the instructions in the FSM you need one of these adapters to do this. Can I cheat and use a jumper wire on one of the three pins. I would like to solve this issue without having to remove the generator which looks to be quite an undertaking.

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The adapter sets come up for sale quite often. I have a spare set I was going to sell at the next swap meet in Jan. They are common enough I've ended up 4 sets in the last few years.
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