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Are you gonna start a new thread about the member map? Or I can if you want me to?

Just to get the word out to people that might not read this thread.

Edit: Never mind, saw the other one!
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patracy , I was reading the update site rules and one thing I found confusing is the rules on the classified ads ,you updated the new rules with this .

Do not post items For Sale or items Wanted in the forums. That is what the Classified Ads section is for. Posting classifieds requires upgrading to the premium account. Previously classifieds required a certain post count to use. We've moved it to a fee based access. The reason for this fee is to weed out some of the spammers/scammers that used the classifieds previously. Membership also grants other things to users, a larger PM box, extra access, custom titles, and more things in the works. The link may be found at the top of the site in the menu bar. Upgrade your account by clicking on the resources link at the top and upgrade to premium membership. Moderators may delete your For Sale or Wanted postings without notice. It is OK to post an item for sale if it is done in an effort to help another member or if the need for a part comes up during the course of a restoration or repair thread. EXAMPLE 1: Member A posts that their Deuce is broken down and they believe it is due to a faulty in-tank pump. Member B may post that he has a used transfer pump for sale for $XX and to PM if interested. Example 2: Member A has an ongoing thread describing his M817 dump truck restoration. He mentions in that thread that one of his hydraulic lines is leaking and he would like to know who has the best price on them. "Swap Meet" style threads are allowed for parts swapping at a specific Rally/Event. Only one thread allowed per event.

But farther down the old rules are still posted .

Classified Ads: These free ads are for the benefit of our membership. To encourage forum participation, and discourage people from joining just to post a free ad, a minimum of 100 posts will be required before a user can place an ad. They are subject to final approval by staff. Do not post commercial advertising. Commercial advertising is a pay-per-ad service. Please email the webmaster if you would like to post a commercial/vendor ad. Please keep all free classified ads military vehicle related. Do NOT post more than 10 ads at any one time. Users with more than 10 ads will have their oldest ads deleted. Members who consistently abuse the system by posting more than 10 ads will have the classified ad privileges revoked.

I just thought I would bring this to your attention as it could be confusing to new members and old members .


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On the map why are most markers coming up dark green. I know mine should be the lighter green (premium) and there's a mod or 2 that are also dark green? I would have thought it would be automatic??


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Sorry the vendor/paid member is a checkmark option in profiles, so it would only display the primary user. And it wouldn't always be accurate when people were no longer in those groups. So I've set everyone to be green. Only staff will show up different.


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Patracy, "SITE GURU"

Why is everyones feedback score -0-....................?I have a few things to buy and a feedback would be nice to help make an informed decision. Just asking, I know your busy and I do appreciate all your help. Don

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Broke Down

ha ah Andrew!!! it seems the same here too at times. your doing a great job and wish you could have stayed with us but i think you moved on to a greater good.

for some of you that don't know Andrew, he used to be an Admin with me and a few others on another site. Andrew is a great, honest guy, he smells kind of funny in person and looks kind of weird.....but what do you expect from a guy in a tin foil hat hiding behind a monitor :beer:

Keep up the good work Andrew!
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