nitrogen canister in fire extingisher holder

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No offense in this but I have to chuckle...

Everyone thinks it's a fire extinguisher mounting point. So many folks have never looked at the TM. Just have to chuckle.


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Schertz TX
That is for the DS2 operator decontamination sprayer. The thing LOOKS like a fire extinguisher but it is camouflaged, not red. DS2 will burn easily, especially if you spray it on dry STB (as if anyone has DS2 or STB ;-))

Why nitrogen? Because CO2 reacts with DS2. Why a cartridge? Because DS2 comes in 5 gallon cans. The decon units were only filled if expected to go into a possible area. It is used on the operator-contacted areas and only under MOPP level 4 which meant you didn't have to worry about it on the skin, the personal decon wipes are used for that.

These are much higher pressure than CO2. Be careful.
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