No. 7 Hoisting Unit value? How used?

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I have a No. 7 hoist on my M35a2. Just wondering what value it would have to someone, either separately or how it would increase value of the truck it's mounted on? I haven't been able to find out much about them other than a few pictures on the internet and the installation instructions in the TM section here. I assume they were used just for all- around lifting purposes, similar to a crane on a wrecker? It has a label indicating it is not to be used for holding the front of a vehicle up for towing.



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The #7 wrecker set is rated for 3000 lbs. The rail is lower and shorter than on the "bomb hoists" (and these are rated for 1000 lbs).

I guess you can use it to pull engines and transmissions. I could see it lifting something long if it can brace the load against the truck, maybe a long log or an I-beam. I think I saw a pic on here with someone lifting a Deuce bed with one.
Despite the military label frowning upon it, the hoist should be ok for use as a "poor man's tow truck" to lift the front end of a car or light truck and tow it, using a tow bar to prevent the towed load from smashing into the rear of the truck.

Worth...what is someone willing to pay?

My personal view is that this is a curiosity, an interesting artefact. Almost any other lifting device, such as a used knuckleboom or even just a used electric service truck crane, would be on a different planet when it comes to practicality. A harbour freight "crane" upgraded with an electric winch could probably do almost as much, using a fraction of the space.

The pro is that all one needs to do is lift this contraption onto the truck bed and bolt it down. No hydraulics, no power needed. And it sorta kinda does a sorta kinda useful job.
A few hundred bucks?

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I sold a WWII era one (round front instead of angled) last year for $500 I think. It didn't have a hoist on it, just the frame.
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