Non MV Road-trip


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Buick City, MI
Just got back from a road trip to the steamy south, SC to be exact. Sorry, no mv's this time. Drove my Aurora the 2000 mile round trip. Kudo's to you members that survive the summers down there! Sure is beautiful country, but that humidity..... :shock: wow. While outside of Charleston for a couple weeks or so, I took a day and drove over to neighboring Georgia to visit a good friend, Lloyd Strickland, Poppop as he's known on SS. I always enjoy touring his large farming operation, checking out his latest MV aquisitions, sharing a meal, raiding the local scrap yard, and talking green iron. This trip was no different except for the fact that we didn't get to the scrap yard. Lloyd also invited his friend Bob over for the visit. He's a member here too, but I don't remember his 'handle'. The 3 of us had a good time. Lloyd has a beautiful M813 that he uses for camping in at the rallies. It's one of the later additions to his motorpool. His friend Bob has a couple M817's that he's put to work helping out with the expansion of his pond. I love seeing the trucks earning their keep. :hammer: Anyway, I took a couple pics and thought I'd share them. Hope you don't mind, Lloyd. :)
Some of you know him and know what I mean when I say he and his wife are good people. I'm looking forward to my next visit.
Here's the pics, Lloyd is on the right, Bob the left.



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Brooklet, Ga
Paul, it was a pleasure having you again. Gimp, anytime and Kenny, may be make a detour on your way home from the Ga Rally??? We would love to have you and its only 40 miles from my place to Wayne's.


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Centerburg, OH
Charleston ain't hot, stop by Columbia - we got the humidity without them cool sea breezes!
Got that right! Did my basic training at Ft Jackson in June and July. I had never been south before basic. I'll never forget, during my 'morning constitutional' at the reception station. I had never sweat like that before! "Now that's hot!" I thought to myself, "Working up a sweat, sitting on the pot!"


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Northern Michigan. Smelt City
Yep poppop is a top notch southern gentlemen and his wife is a true southern bell.. I see his new knee must be working good... I will always remember the cotton gin tour.. good times for sure.
I still have marks on my Steel Soldiers Fl rally shirt where his M51A2 dump came to life and spit all over me! :-D
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