NP420 transmission into 1963 M37; shifter rod hits the bottom of the dash in 1st gear

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Someone I am sure has come across this malady. I have a 1963 M37 with a fresh stock 230 cubic inch flat head strait 6 that I have just installed into the engine bay. The correct transmission for this vehicle has been acquired. As I try to install the transmission, the stick shift will contact the bottom of the factory M37 dash board when shifting it into 1st gear. I have removed the transmission for shifter modification. The engine, bell housing, and frame of the vehicle are all factory, no mods. Researching the NP 420 transmission, I see that there were several variation of the "tower" (stick shifter).
Has someone rebuilding an M37 experienced this and what was their correction?
Should I bend the shifter, or cut and weld it shorter?
When I purchased the vehicle, it had an older style four speed with the shifter tower closer to the center of the transmission and a hole cut BEHIND the original opening in the floor board. See pic. I have a fresh floor board, and the correct for year(?) transmission for this '63 vehicle. M37 floor boards.jpg

M37 transmissions (1).jpg


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You might drop a message to Ferroequinologist. He has (had?) the NP420 I took out of my '51 M37 20 years ago. If nothing else, he can send you a pic. I'll post a pic of the shifter from it shortly in case it helps you.

When I went to it's cousin, the NP435 (synchronized, otherwise pretty much the same), I too had the situation you have with the shift knob. I wound up heating it in the middle and bending it to fit. It lasted the 18 years I drove it that way before I sold it on just recently. I'm sure it'll still be working just fine after you and I are long gone from this planet.


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Made this from the original "highboy" stick shifter.
Lots of room for the nitrous bottle now.........
I know that is just a tongue in cheek statement, but I triple dog dare ya to hook up nitrous and post both pics and video....LOL!

Good job on the shifter should give you lots of easy shifts going forward.


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Or just buy the correct shifter from Vintage Power Wagons and be done with it.....
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