Official 2019 Steel Soldiers Georgia Rally (19SSGR) - Georgia Military Vehicle Rally


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This year will be very similar to last year’s event, obviously the date is 2019 specific. So, if you’ve attended the last few years, you probably know what you need to know.

We'd also like to take this opportunity to thank our 2019 sponsor, Memphis Equipment, for their assistance. Without them, we'd have had a much more difficult time with the 2018 event. We thank them for their support of the GMVR and the historic military vehicle hobby.

Welcome to the 2019 Steel Soldiers Georgia Rally (19SSGR) Official Info thread. Yes, this year the rally is again an official Steel Soldiers event: 2019 is the 20th anniversary of and the Ga. rally is one of the oldest and largest events and everyone involved (GMVR, LRP, SS, etc.) wanted the event to be an SS event as a part of the 20th celebrations.

This is our 13th annual event. If you've never been, watch this:

If you've never been and you want to see thousands of pictures from prior years, you can see them all, broken down by years:
2018: I can’t find it. I must be getting old.

I can’t find any of the others. 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011 are all missing. There is a Facebook page that's open to the public (i.e. I don't think you need to have a Facebook account in order to view the albums):

What: The 2019 Steel Soldiers Georgia Rally (19SSGR) is open to all military vehicles, foreign and domestic and all historic military vehicle enthusiasts. The rally features vehicle displays (in a laid back, non-organized fashion), swap meet, trail rides (offroading), hardball convoy (an organized convoy to a local attraction), camping, breakfast/lunch/dinners served from an authentic military kitchen trailer; all in a relaxed, family friendly environment.
When: October 16-20, 2019. Rain or shine.
Where: Durhamtown Plantation-an offroading facility in Union Point, Georgia. 2350 Randolph Church Rd, Union Point, GA 30669, 770.622.0148. GoogleMaps link: We are Low Range Productions, a small, non-profit, all volunteer organization that puts on the event and, arguably the internet’s largest historic military vehicles website and forum. We have put the event on non-stop, since 2007. You are a historic military vehicle enthusiast, interested in the preservation of military vehicles from all eras and countries.
Why: Because this is one of the best rallies in the country. Great offroading, with obstacles, mud or easy trails, great swap meet, laid back atmosphere, beautiful fall weather, etc. If you miss this event, you’ll regret it.
How (much): The rally doesn’t charge for anything other than food. It’s free to be a swap meet vendor and if you bring your own food, you won’t pay for food. The rally sells t-shirts to pay for the attorney, the accountant and the insurance policy we started carrying a couple years ago. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s free. Durhamtown will charge you for the following:

A. Attendance to the rally. You're using Durhamtown's facilities and they charge for this. Spectator fees (armbands) can be purchased as Multi-Day (3-5 days) for $20 or $10/day @ Lodge (Main Building).
B. Lodging: If you sleep overnight on the premises, you will be charged for whatever is appropriate (primitive camping, an RV rental spot, a cabin or a Durhamtown RV). If you leave the rally each evening and stay offsite, obviously you won’t pay for anything other than your day pass. For campers, (General Camping, Vendors, Etc.) D-town will require a parking pass this year to be displayed on the rearview mirror or dash. You will receive this when paying for RV Site, Camping site. Security staff from Durhamtown will be monitoring the Rally area to ensure that all overnight campers have this displayed. RV Sites with power require reservations. 706-622-4108 $15 (primitive) Camping-No Power-Sewer-Electric (706-622-4108-Use Promo Code: Military Rally) - This is the people who are camping in their vehicles or tents.Meal Tickets for the Convoy/Park/Eat @ the Greene County Recreation Center is $10 per person. This includes the parking pass for the state park. Purchase meal ticket from Durhamtown @ Registration Tent or Buy in advance from Durhamtown. All tickets are non-refundable.
C. Offroading fees. If you go out on the trails, you will either pay a drivers fee or a passengers fee. You can buy a Multi-Day drivers pass (3-5 days) for $80 or a single day pass at the Lodge for $20/day. If all you are is an offroading spectator, spectator armband prices apply. Durhamtown plans on having employees at our Registration Tent to take attendee payments, to save attendees from having to go to the Durhamtown Lodge. Kids 12 and Under FREE: Spectator/Passenger Armband (Does Not apply for riding in the ATV/Bike Parks).

That’s the basics.

Here’s the details:
Oct. 16-20, 2019. A few people show up earlier than Wednesday, but the rally doesn’t officially begin until Wednesday. The main days are Friday and Saturday. Sunday morning, the place clears out quickly. If you can only make one day, don’t plan on it being Sunday. Activities begin in earnest around 0900. There are night trail rides, so I’d say activities continue until 2200 or 2300 hours. Since the rally doesn't begin until Wednesday, if you show up on Monday and pick out a place, you may be asked to move once the staff shows up and begins organizing the field. Just a heads up.

Durhamtown Plantation is an offroad facility with tens of thousands of acres. There are areas that are dedicated to hunting, shooting, motocross bikes, ATVs and full size Jeep/truck trails. Durhamtown allows attendees to camp in their vehicles or tents for a primitive camping fee and they also offer cabins with varying levels of amenties and permanently parked RVs that act as cabins. Durhamtown has shower and bathroom facilities on the property so primitive campers have access to such amenities. Durhamtown’s address is 2350 Randolph Church Rd, Union Point, GA 30669 and their number is 770.622.0148. 10 years ago, they said that standard internet GPS programs (MapQuest, Yahoo/Google maps) would take you to some pretty crazy places because D-town was in such a rural area. They still have this disclaimer on their website, but I suspect map apps have gotten a lot better. I know I tried Google maps and it got me to D-town correctly. However, in order to ensure you don’t get lost, I would make sure you know how to get there before leaving. Their website has directions (here:!contact/cq4e). If you plan on renting an RV space at the rally field (they have about 10 spots with power and water) or a cabin or RV, you need to call their main office or go to their website and get your reservation. These fill up fast, so prepare accordingly.

What do I do when I get there
: The first thing you should do when you get there is going to the Durhamtown Lodge if you are renting a cabin or an RV or renting an RV spot in the rally field. Get squared away with them first and then come down to the rally field. When you get there, stop at the rally registration tent. DO NOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE FIRST. Stop at the tent. They’ll get you squared away for the rally. They’ll tell you where to go, they’ll tell you any late changing information that this thread may not contain, they’ll take your money for the spectator’s fees, etc. They’ll direct you towards the parking/camping/swap meet areas. Swap meet vendors: We have enough space that we allow vendors to take as much space as they need. Please be polite and take only what you need. If you show up with a 53’ tractor trailer, we’ll make sure you get all the room you need and the way we can do that is making sure that space taken Is appropriate. There are aisles or rows set up in the swap meet area and we ask that vendors do not take their everyday transport vehicles in and out of the swap meet- we need to limit the amount of vehicles in movement in the swap meet area for safety. It’s tight quarters and with so many children and pets, we do not want someone getting accidentally run over. When you arrive at the rally, the registration tent personnel will direct you to the swap meet director and that person will show you where to go. There is a buy/sell/trade thread for the rally. You can post what you're looking for and what you can bring for sale here:

Campers: When you get there and you hit the registration tent, they’ll take your money for the primitive camping fees and point you in the general direction of where you need to go and you can pick out the area that makes you happy. Once you’ve left the registration tent, you can get your campsite set up and begin enjoying the rally.
Offroaders: The offroading and trail rides are simply spectacular-we have everything from the very mildest trailrides that you could take a 100 point, trailer queen restored WWII Jeep on with absolutely no worries, all the way to very challenging terrain and of course, mud. Durhamtown does have a swamp, so if you love repacking wheel bearings-we can indulge. We always have 5 ton wreckers at the event, so there is no recovery operation we aren’t capable of performing. The opportunity to see a Deuce or 5 ton taking on a complicated obstacle course is awesome- and getting to see a 70+ year old Jeep showing that it still has what it takes to get the job done is something anyone can appreciate. And if you’ve never been on a night ride-offroading in the dark is super fun.
One change from previous years: the rally will not be running “official trail rides” with trail ride leaders. Let me explain: From the very first rally at D-town in 2008, we have struggled with this. It’s been the most difficult aspect of the rally to manage. We tried putting announcements (i.e. “trail ride departing at 1330 hours”) on a dry erase board and people didn’t see it. We tried announcing it over the PA system and people couldn’t always hear it or were offsite when the announcements were made. We tried having set departure times and attendees would be running late and not be able to make it, or, worse, trailrides would last longer than anticipated and then that would throw off the latter trailride times. Another issue we ran into was some trailrides would have 3 participants and some would have 20. Big trailrides create traffic jams in the woods and also pair trail ride particpants unevenly: You will have some in the group who want a mild, quick moving ride with some who will get themselves very, very stuck and the recovery will be time consuming. This was a constant source of complaints………… So, we are not going to organize the trail rides ourselves. We feel that the rally has gotten so large and so many people know one another, that we can nurture an organic trailride environment where the attendees and participants are in control. We imagine small groups of friends banding together and going out on their own adventures. This way, participants can create the trailride experience they most want. If you are a mild trailrider, you can grab a couple of your like-minded friends and go explore on your own. If you get stuck, send one of your party up to the RT and we can dispatch a recovery unit. Of course, if you don’t know a lot of people at the rally, we’ll help you with this as well. Come to the RT and we’ll make an announcement over the PA and put up on the dry erase board that you’re looking for people to go on a ride.

Absolutely, unequivocally, no driving will be allowed if we think you’ve been drinking.

Hardball convoy: The hardball convoy is another way that the rally offers attendees an opportunity to participate with their vehicles. We take a group on a short trip (approximately 20 miles one way) on Saturday morning. Last year, we went to a local State Park and D-town was on site and fed everyone a basic lunch (hot dogs, chips, drinks, etc.) We will have videographers and photographers filming the action. You can see previous years action below. Convoy participants will need to show rally staff their vehicle insurance card for our insurance policy. Participants need to line up at 1030 hours Saturday morning to prepare for an 1100 hours departure. Expect a 3 hour event.

NOTE: Hardball convoy participants are required to run with their headlights on. We ask that emergency flashers not be used, since this is technically illegal for a vehicle in normal operation. We also ask that drivers not honk horns at the videographers-we’re trying to capture the distinctive sounds of the vehicles in actions, not a cacophony of horns blowing. Don’t worry-the videographer can see you.

2015 Hardball convoy:

NOTE: If you want to take part in the hardball convoy, you need to sign up with Durhamtown at the registration tent when you arrive and we (Ga. Rally) need to take a picture of your valid insurance card for the vehicle you're taking on the convoy. If you do not sign up and get a meal ticket, then there won't be any food for you!

Food: Our military kitchen trailer will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Depending upon how early we get set up on Wednesday, a light dinner may be available. On Sunday morning, some limited breakfast options will be available. Menus are very hard to provide more than a few days in advance: we buy supplies from bulk vendors and we buy what’s on sale. So we kind of don’t know what we’ll be serving until the last minute. Of course, you can always bring your own food and D-town has a small onsite café that serves the basics.

And……………… this is the final year for the MKT at the Ga. Rally. After 10+ years, SCSG-G4 has decided to to retire the operation. His flawless execution of the operation has resulted in 10 years of attendees being fed, tens of thousands of meals being prepared, no one dying or being injured and giving civilians an opportunity to see how the military fed large groups of troops in an efficient manner in field conditions. Please take the time to tell Mike and his staff how much you’ve appreciated their effort, because they’re the hardest workers in the rally.

Call for Volunteers: The Georgia Rally is run by volunteer leaders who dedicate their time and talents to make this event happen. We are not paid, have full time jobs and are driven by a passion to help the historic military vehicle hobby grow and prosper. Please keep this fact in mind when you have complaints or feel that the guy camping next to you snores to loud. Volunteering makes the rally happen. Please use your gifts and talents to help where you are comfortable and can make a difference. If you do volunteer, you are making a commitment and as fine men and women you need to honor that commitment. Please PM me if you’re interested.

Volunteers Needed:
MKT: Military Kitchen Preparation and Cleanup. There is always preparation for each meal and clean up after the meals where assistance is needed. On Sunday morning SCSG-G4 has an epic morning getting the MKT prepped for the ride home. They are there for us, let’s be there for them. The MKT is always desperately short of personnel and any assistance, especially on Sunday morning is greatly appreciated. It's a heck of a lot of work to stand this operation up, but after 5 days of work, it's even worse in terms of taking it down.
Registration: We also need volunteers to man the front gate and check in rally attendees and familiarize them with the layout of the field. Kenny can't stay there the entire time; he needs time for trail rides, convoys, social time, etc. We are looking at 3-4 hour blocks of time dependent on the number of volunteers. This is a great way to meet everyone and make a difference.
Logistics: There is always a need for pickup of ice, moving this item from point A to point B, finding something and many other items. Attendees who can volunteer for 3-4 hour blocks to be available for running around and odd tasks are welcome. We will have other needs and I will post them as the need comes up. You can post your desire to be a better and bigger part of the MV community by posting here or pm’ing me.

Weather: The last 15 years weather on this weekend:
2018 temps: 68/80
2017 temps: 54/79
2016 temps: 62/77
2015 temps: 39/80
2014 temps: 61/88
2013 temps: 53/82
2012 temps: 45/74
2011 temps: 49/81
2010 temps: 46/79
2009 temps: 51/80
2008 temps: 46/61
2007 temps: 59/77
2006 temps: 32/59
2005 temps: 48/65
2004 temps: 56/67

Note: in 2016, the wind was epic. A 10'x10' tent that was anchored with 4 tent stakes was completely pulled out of the ground and hit me in the head. Got really lucky it didn't hit my eyes or mouth. Be prepared for this sort of thing. If you're using tents, awnings, etc., make sure they're strong enough for inclement weather and make sure you have enough hardware to anchor them.Please prepare accordingly-the weather could be perfect Southern fall weather, requiring nothing more than a t-shirt or it could be very chilly and rainy. At night around the campfire, you will likely want some kind of a jacket and perhaps hat, gloves, etc.

Communications: Durhamtown is in a rural area and cell phone reception is spotty at best. We have found text messaging to be a viable alternative to calls. Your phone will send the message when it catches a signal and the recipient will receive the message when possible.

Multimedia: There will be a multimedia thread that I’ll put up as the rally begins. We ask that all pictures and video links be shared there, so it’ll be a central point for attendees and visitors to enjoy. There is a Facebook page for the rally, you can see it here: Any time I add an update to the rally thread, I'll add it to the Facebook page.

Is the rally child and animal friendly?Yes-but as in all aspects of life, please show consideration for others. Aggressive dogs or constant barkers should be managed in a respectful way and poorly behaved children will be muzzled. The Georgia Rally is a family friendly affair, so behave accordingly.

Three years ago, we had an incident where a child was bitten by a dog. We ask that dog owners and caretakers of children exercise caution to ensure this sort of thing doesn't happen. We are not implementing a leash rule, so we ask that everyone be aware that accidents can happen and be cautious towards others. As my dog got older, he got a little weird around strangers (aggressive). As a result, I stopped bringing him to the rally. My poor parents are now his dogsitters. He misses coming to the rally but he brought it on himself.

How many people will be there?
It’s safe to say we should have over 250 attendees and at least 100 military vehicles, plus trailers. The last 4 or 5 years, we’ve floated between 120 and 140+ powered vehicles.

Do I have to be a member of to attend? What if I don’t own a (or can’t bring my) vehicle?
No, you have to be interested in the historic military vehicle hobby! If you do not have a vehicle, this isn’t a problem. We can probably even find someone to let you ride with on the trails if you wish to go.

Is there electricity at the rally? Yes and no. In the general camping field, no. There are 12 spots in the main rally field you can rent from Durhamtown for $25 a day that have power and water. Some of these have 3 pin/30A power, and some have dual 3 pin/30A as well as 4 pin/50A power. All have water spigots, and they now have a sanitation hookup (added in 2015). Two of these are taken for the MKT.

Do I need to bring firewood?
YES!!!!!!! Bring an entire forest! We cannot have enough. Pallets and other debris are not allowed. It has to be firewood-nothing that will leave behind glass, steel, nails or other fragments.

What is the rally weapons policy?
Durhamtown has a shooting range and we have seen a few snakes over the years in the woods, so firearms are allowed, but we do ask that attendees not open carry in the rally field. We are trying to promote a family friendly atmosphere and there are some PR issues at play as well. We appreciate attendees understanding on this issue.

Release of Liability
Steel Soldiers, Low Range Productions, LLC and/or Durhamtown Plantation, and any person acting in conjunction with those entities will not be held liable for any injuries to anyone attending the Georgia Rally or damage to personal/private property during the Georgia Rally. All persons accept this personal responsibility and release Low Range Productions, LLC and their agents (rally organizers, volunteers, etc.) and/or Durhamtown Plantation and their agents (employees, etc.) from all and any liability resulting from injury or damages to property from or by attending the rally. Attendance at the rally is and will be understood to signify acceptance of these terms.The LRP Georgia Rally is a Family Friendly Event. Violators will be asked to leave.

Field layout:Click image for larger version (yes, these are from 2018, but the layout has remained the same).

Other neat rally stuff (i.e. reasons you should attend):

2016 raw footage:

Some of our favorite 2018 pictures:


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Ok, I know many of ya'll have attended for many years, so you gloss over the ever-lengthening main post (#1) above. So here's the cliff notes:

A. The waivers of liability are now combined, so you only have to sign one, as opposed to two. And, you can download it here and fill it out and email or physically mail it to us and we'll have it at the registration tent on Wednesday morning.
Email to:

Mail to:
Low Range Productions
P.O. Box 50
Statham, Ga.

B. If you wanna' go on the hardball convoy, you can go ahead and scan or take a picture of your current (meaning it will still be good and not expired on Oct. 20) insurance card and send it to us at the above addresses (your choice).

C. Last year for MKT. Please thank Mike and crew

Waiver is attached for download. Click on the back square, it's a pdf file.
View attachment SSGR Waiver final version.pdf
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I'll be there, even if I have to drag the M814 with my pick up truck...............


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I suppose I'll go too. Might need help at the RT Friday. I will be going to Banks County to watch my kid play football. Senior year, going to enjoy it.


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Looking forward it to more than ever, hope to be there Tuesday around noon, clinto as a courtesy I will try to let anyone coming in early know they're going to be asked to move if they're setting up in a restricted area.:tin hat:


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I plan to be there with so I can hang out with some friends. Cabin reserved and the truck is ready, somehow he Won the April 2019 MV of the Month Contest. Can't wait until October.



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I do not know about this year, have made it to 8 events in a row. My M35A3 with the 3116 CAT has low fuel pressure. Is there any word on the MKT for this year?


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I do not know about this year, have made it to 8 events in a row. My M35A3 with the 3116 CAT has low fuel pressure. Is there any word on the MKT for this year?
A. You can ride up in one of your Fords and still hang with us.


C. Last year for MKT. Please thank Mike and crew


Coasted in on a hope and a prayer last year and got towed home. Hoping this year goes a little smoother, ha! Either way it’s still a good time!! Can’t wait!!

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