Official NC Denton Rally 24-28 apr 2019

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Richburg, SC
I have a suggestion for next year's rally. While I was talking to a few veterans, the howitzer fired. Needless to say, the veterans all took a minute to gather themselves before they continued the conversation. It usually shocked the **** out of me every time too. Would it be possible to have the gun crew sound a warning siren over the PA system for a second before firing the howitzer?

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I agree, was walking near by the blank fire area when they fired the howitzer. It shocked me and no one had the option of covering their ears. Lot of people complained. I am all for the blank fire of MGs and cannon and fire my 37mm cannon live at mg shoots etc., but always with a loud "fire in the hole" warning first. They should think about this for next year.


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Ft. Bragg, NC
Yeah, the first one... I don't think I was ok for a few minutes. I swear I could start to feel the pressure wave before the sound hit (by all of 0.5 seconds) as the weekend went on. But yeah, there needs to be a warning for that.

Lance, I paid $50 for setting up and selling from my campsite but had no water/power. I think that they did overcharge you. Sorry. They (the ladies in the booth) seemed to have a very loose understanding and fee structure. I think Jim's guy (for as odd as he was) did better.


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deuce parts

Not sure were to place this on the forum, I'm reaching out to anyone that went to the Denton NC rally. I am trying to get back in touch with the gentleman that was running the shooting both and that was selling items from a table/trailer for m35s, I was told he was somewhat in part in running this event.
Unfortunately I did not get any contact info from him and am interested in getting a contact number or if he can contact me. so if anyone on this form can help it will be most appreciated
Thanks Wayne


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Pinnacle, Stokes County, NC
How 'bout now? Are we there yet??

If there's anything I can do to help with planning or during the event please let me know. Nancy and I are on a canoeing aand camping trip until Wed. the 22nd. I'll be there either later that day or Thursday AM.

Best regards to all and we wish all a blessed and bright new year.

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