oil filter for LDS 465 engine..

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Trenton, Ohio
can anyone tell me where to find oil filters for the lds 465 engine.??....my NAPA store doesn't have a book for that , or can't find it..??? what filters do I need.. and what is the number on the muffler that Napa is supposed to carry that will work on the M35A2.??


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I have the Numbers , you can go right to NAPA and get them . here you go
oil you will need 2 of these 1133. and the Fuel you will need 1 of these PF906 or 33511
and 2 of these F60150


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Southern Mich.
... and 2 of these F60150...

I have been using the NAPA #3512 with a #5070 gasket for my secondary fuel filters. The interchange info, quoted above by wsucougarx, says there is not enough flow through these. Am I starving my engine? I can sure make all the smoke I want. Any speed, any gear. Smoke on command. I can even swat the smoke button (that pedal under my right foot) at idle and blow a cute little smoke ball. :twisted: There are several members of our club who flatly REFUSE to follow me, Can't imagine why.

The 'smoke on command' thing leads me to believe that I have more than enough fuel. While I love my carbon footprint, not everyone shares my love of a good smoke trail and that sometimes leads to "nonverbal communication" from drivers who pass me.

On a not entirely unrelated topic: I have hopes of installing a turbo in the next couple of weeks and would appreciate any comments as to pitfalls or what ever. The turbo appears to be a "C" and is currently living on a spare engine I acquired in a trade. That engine is a completely unknown quantity, and thus, the turbo will be inspected in detail before I tear anything off my truck.

Who has gaskets, That would seem a reasonable thing to have in stock beforehand. Cash being available, I will also install a pyro and boost gage. Lacking funds, I will at least do the drilling and tapping and plug the holes so as to avoid trash in the works after assembly.

Thanks for wading through my ramblings, they always seem to grow after I start typing.


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mid- michigan
Where is this cross reference? I have been looking and looking and cant seem to find it for LDT465
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