Oshkosh MK23 MTVR 7 Ton 6x6 Cargo Truck

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Houston, TX
I have been following them on IronPlanet/GovPlanet for about a year to see what price range they are selling for and what conditions I can expect. $16K-$20K with minor issues.

Are they street/road legal?
Are these things the same as 5 tons legally? Can we just drive them off the lot or do we have to have them inspected and titled before we can drive them?

Located in Texas.

Thanks in advance



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London England
Oshkosh is a reputable truck. And that engine...over 400 nags under the bonnet, (Hood).
And they do look more aggressive than the (Well proven) Civilian models.


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I drove mine off the lot. still waiting my SF97 form to title it (in UTAH) Colorado wont allow them. I will keep you posted


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Herriman UTAH
I drove mine off the lot and I just got a trip permit from California. It was good for me to drive to Utah. CA DMV did not need to see the truck, or do any inspection, and I did not need to show insurance. Seemed strange to me but they just asked for $22 and then they gave me a blank trip permit. I was not stopped but if I had been stopped, the Utah DMV said that if I have the trip permit that was all I needed in place of registration.

NOW, having said that, the state HP would/could ask for proof of insurance, do a quick inspection of the truck, and other things. I passed many HP cruisers but none of them looked twice at me. I think they just assumed I was US Government and let me go by.

ALSO, before I drove off the lot, my son and I fixed a lot of things. I also checked a bunch of things because I did not want any surprises once I started driving. There were a lot of things to fix. As MAdams has said, it will need batteries, fuel, heater switch and horn switch. Mine also needed tires. Check out my thread on the drive from Yermo to SLC.
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