PE-77 250W Genset - Is it worth anything

I have come across a genset in a garage that has been unopened (until now) since 1956. It is in Brand New condition and never run. ALL original paperwork is still attached. Is it worth anything. I dont want to run it until I decide to keep it or not.

Im building a Shelter into a Camper, it may be a good authentic power option, at least to charge the batteries mabye.



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Sure its worth something. It would be good for some emergency power. Does it run. Looks like it would. It would be good for a little light, charge some batteries/battery charger, and especially, your cell phone.

Lee in Alaska
I have not run it yet, But I feel it most likely would, I did rotate the motor, it is very smooth and gets compression. Its a Briggs and Stratton motor so it probably is a gas motor. It is only 250W but I was thinking about using it as you said, basically a gas battery charger.


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That is the power supply for a mil radio. You need to get some feedback from some mil radio people before you do anything with it. It might be worth its weight in gold to the right collector. Or like you say it might only be good for a couple of light bulbs. Just depends on what system it is for.


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It's a Putt-Putt! They were designed to run a variety of Mil rigs, GRR/5, GRC/9, VRC/19's etc.
Keep it. When they run right they make a great addition for properly poering up a vintage mil rig.
Great Find.
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