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Blacksburg, VA
I am looking at purchasing a 718 pinzgauer and I have a couple of questions:

Does anyone on here have one?


Pro's/Con's compared to the 712?

What is the fair market price for them?

Thanks in advance.
Vallejo, CA
Yes I am quite familiar with TD Pinzgauers and have imported the handful that are in the United States in private hands.

#1 - Putting it on the road will be a problem depending upon your state.

#2 - With the gas pinz's there is a dealer support network with new and used spare parts available. With the TD's you had better pray you do not have a mechanical breakdown. Stateside parts are not available unless it happens to be the same as the gasser. Parts overseas will make you blush.

For example I just ordered up some body panels for a TD. Spent about 8K. The same panels for a gasser would have run about $3200.

If your serious give me a call and I can discuss some specifics.


Scott Ingham
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I can only add to this from a driver's perspective, and even then only to the ambulance version.

The 2.4 liter VW diesel is a good powerplant for the Pinz. It is basically the same engine found in 240 and 740 series Volvo diesels from the 1980' and the European VW LT transporters. It is an evolution of the 1.6 l four cylinder diesel found in the Golfs of the time.
With higher mileage (typically around 100k miles) they like to suffer a cracked head. Hard cold starts, lots of white smoke. Replacement upgraded 2 piece heads are available.

The auto tranny was fine; I am not particular to autos, but crawling about off-road with the heavy fiberglass abolance shelter was pleasant with the auto box.

Compared to the 710 and 712s that I was used to driving at the time, the 718 was a big step forward. It actually has sound-proofing! The howling air cooled gasser lump in the 710 and 712 did get annoying after a while.
You can tell that I am not a Pinzgauer nut? Sorry.
The 718 is a newer, improved....better...Pinzgauer.


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To my infmation the Pinz with the 2.4 l Turbo Diesel engine is to the max at emmission level Euro 2 (truck emmission). This might not be very helpfull for the states, it is measured different than EPA test cicles.
My father used a 244D6 Volvo for 18 years and almost 300000 km or 187500 miles. The problem was he head gasket (2 times) and the injectors (one time needed new ones). Else the engine was ok. I never heared over here about cracked heads as a severe problem.
The British Pinz use the same turbo Diesel in Euro 2 configuartion, even Euro 3 was mandantory by that time. No claims about engine reliability known at my side. Other things like poor protection for Irak (no armour) are known. Or did they not like the trucks for they were not of british design? Anyway, they use / used them at 5 tons GVW instead if 4 tons like in Austria and Switzerland (6x6 version).


My recommendation is to buy the newest 716/718 you can ( considering condition also). The original TDs were the P80, then the P90 and finally the P93 made in Austria. Model changes came with improvements. In Canada, you could import up to a 2005, but only 7 718's made in the UK were LHD, everything else were RHD.
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