Power Terminal Block...? More info Anyone?


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Abilene, Texas
Hey guys, I bought this terminal block a few years ago and I forgot what my application was going to be with it... I think it had something to do with taking 28V to 12v-5v via (Hall Effect) fuses on two blocks (input-output) voltages. Is it step down transformation or something else? Forgive me, I'm not sure (Hall Effect) terminology I mention is correct. What can I do with it, or can't do with is my question. It was originally going in my XM1818 tractor renovation, but I recently needed to do a rehab on my M929A1 dump truck which I am relocating batteries down to outside step like M800 series and installing air ride seats and Red Dot AC system evap/blower between the two on back of the cab. Anyway, I was thinking that this would give me some 12v/5v to the dash or cab for low current accessories. Put a small blade fuse box on the output side of this? Or, is this just a necessary piece of junk? This picture of the device comes from an article I found on the web which didn't help much. Had to do with some application for supply voltage to a crank positioning sensor for a Chrysler vehicle (...from what I gather...)

Suggestions please...

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