Priming injector lines


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Unfortunately, no. You have low pressure fuel at the inlet to the Injection Pump. Now, the pump has to take the fuel and turn I into timed high pressure pulses.

You do have several options:

Don't touch anything and just crank the engine for around 10-15 seconds. Wait 2 minutes and repeat until it either starts or your batteries go dead. Normally it will fire on the 5th or 6th repeat. This method is hard on the batteries and starter.

Remove the glow plugs and loosen the injector lines at the injectors. Then spin the engine with much, much less stress on the electrical parts until you get fuel at the injector line fittings. I still suggest you limit the spins to 10-15 seconds with a starter motor cool down. Tighten each fitting as it gets wet. Pretty soon you will have 8 fuel vapor balls coming out the glow plug holes. Put the glow plugs back in and fire it up.

Remove the glow plugs and not touch the injector lines. I like this method best if I have time. Less stress on the electrics and no chance to screw up the injectors, injector lines or return lines. I always have at least 1 leak after doing the loosen thing above.
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