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I am planning to pull the PTO and hydraulic pump for the self-recovery winch off of my m1088. The TM says that you need to remove the driveshaft and one of the transmission cooler lines to do so. Has anyone removed the PTO without removing the driveshaft and or the transmission cooler line? I think I can get the hydraulic pump out the rear of the truck, but the PTO looks questionable. I currently don’t own a u-joint puller and I prefer to postpone that purchase/labor.

I ask since the TM says the driveshaft needs to be pulled for the trans filters which isn't really required.



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Ramdough and I did a winch swap from an M1083 to a M1083A1 and it's much easier with the front shaft removed. Do youself a favor and buy a tigertool (or knockoff) and a big impact which makes the job incredibly easy. You'll need to unbolt and drop the cross member under the bellhousing too as it blocks the way to drop the PTO down and out. With the front shaft in the way it makes that process harder too.

As for the coolant lines we didn't mess with any of those, just the hydraulic lines. The PTO is a pain to get to so take your time and don't strip anything out. It's clear that they put the PTO on the transmission then dropped the unit in the frame. If you plan on installing everything onto another truck double check your huckbolts where the PTO would be installed as there's little room once you install it.


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It's probably easier to do on an M1088, because you have no bed, but it still may not be entirely possible to get it off without dropping the driveshaft. I had to drop the crossmember as well. Even then, the whole thing is still a GIANT PAIN (especially on my M1078 ), and almost every bolt requires two people and a new position to reach.


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You will need two people. I agree with everyone above. Also, flip the cab up so you can stand next to the tire to get the top bolts. Get a swivel 12 point socket. I bought a set from Lowes for $60 ish. That was the best bang. I think it was 10mm or 12mm. Something like that. The entire kit was worth having.

This will be painful because you will have your arms in uncomfortable positions and feeling around as you turn bolts that you cannot see while you are wrenching.

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