Pulsing headlights and parking lights

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So I was able to connect the headlights to the Black out circuit and at least got headlights to drive at night but after doing so I felt stupid having a Humvee not properly wired so I kept digging. Since I had an extra light switch I figured I would connect the extra light switch to each terminal in the wiring system one at a time. I found a diagram that showed port F being the live 24v circuit and then just plugged each wire one after another and tried all the switch settings until she blew. It finally blew on the H circuit which is the tail lights. I disconnected everything on the left tail light and NO SHORT!!! After fiddling with the 4 wires at the tail light it turned out that the one that controls the left turn signal was the culprit. This is kinda weird since in Service mode the left turn signal is not on unless one puts the left turn signal on but that was definitely the culprit. Anyway I disconnected the wire that controls the left turn signal and everything works fine. So all lights work except for the left turn signal. I checked the rear park light assembly and she looks very clean and practically brand new but something in there is obviously wrong. So all is good except for left turn signal which I am sure the coyotes out it the wilderness will not mind. :). I will order a new park light assembly and hope that solves the problem but if not I am not going to fret for a non functioning left turn signal.

Thank you all for chiming in, very happy to have found the route of the short, your inputs helped guide me along the way :)
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