Question on Canadian M135 Canvas Cargo Top

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Simi Valley, Ca
I was reading your posts on the length of the side staves, I am getting ready to order a new Canadian version cargo top from a Canvas supplier that has never made the Canadian M135 Canvas Cargo Top and it looks like it is 12 inches longer, is this correct?
I see from the pictures posted in the post "M135 Bows and troop seats" that have been posted that the additional flap is sewn on a couple of inches higher on the inside of the normal top.

The other question? Is are there two sets of ropes on the side or did they just use longer ropes that will work for the raised and the lowered position?

We will be using my M135 as an MVPA Convoy truck and will be living in the back so the 6 ft height will work much better.

Dimensions and photos would be great!


Lt Dan


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Edmonton, Canada
Hey welcome aboard. That's your first post and the greeting committee usually chimes in begging for pictures or video, sorry we missed you.

I'll hunt for details. We just had a few made up so might even have a few measurements. I think it's around 12" longer on each side but I also thought gold would hit $2000.00 so what do I know.

The back of an M135 can be very comfortable.


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London England
ANY of you M135 owners know of a decent running and looking M135 or M211 for sale anywhere?..At All..? I have been searching for While and advertised in various wanted's..all to no avail.
And, OK I am cutting down the collection..(In my old age..) After THIS one..!...With "Help".
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