R.I.P.--73M819--Ron Harris


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I am so sorry hear of his passing! Please convey our love and appreciation for his life and his many contributions to this society to his family. May his soul rest in perfect peace


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Rest in Peace Ron!! Just no words can be found. Was Floored when I got the Info from Wes. Didnt know Wes was with him until I read the past Post. World of Knowledge when I was getting info on the m819. Just floored!


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My wife just informed me of his passing last night. I don't have much of an internet presence here but I go to the GA rally every year. 3 years ago was our first rally and my wife and I didn't know anyone, online or in person. Our first morning at breakfast we were sitting by ourselves and Ron sat down and introduced himself and made us feel very welcome. We enjoyed his company and looked forward to running into him every year. We have met hundreds of great people over the last 3 rallys but I still can't keep most people straight or remember if I have met them before. He stands out and I remember him well. I even remember what we talked about that morning, Legos. He will be missed.


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Lack of words after getting the news from PB this morning. Lucille will know my feelings of hearing this news but prayers go out to the family.


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Last Project

This was the current project we were working on. This is a 931 being converted into a dump with a MK15A1 bed. We had been discussing the design and layout for weeks. Ron saw the whole build in his mind and had just put the bed on for testing on Thursday night. There was always a project going on, but he did not have time to post details of his build's.

Somehow I am going to have to figure out how to finish this out in his memory. As usual he explained the whole build even before we started but I was able to capture a smaller percentage of what he saw.



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Suwanee, GA
A measure of a man are the words spoken by others at his passing from this world. The Thoughts & Prayers in these many posts speak volumes! Having the pleasure of knowing Ron for a number of years, having broken bread with him, and having learned from him, I know that Ron is a Good Man, true to his word, highly capable, and always willing to help those in need. It was always my pleasure at the GA Rally to have some extra food and beer for Ron such that he would not have to eat out-of-a-can in his lean-to. For me, I shall say his name such that he is not forgotten, and his legacy remains with us.


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Just caching up, I'm in shock to say the least. Spoke w/ Ron over the holidays about some parts for his 931 project.
Got many a tech tip from him with regards to my 813. I am so sorry for his loss. Thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family. Rest In Peace Brother Ron. Thank you for your service.


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As many have said, words are not enough. I first read this thread yesterday shortly after it was posted and have been trying to find what to say. I never met Ron but had followed many of his postings and had a few questions answered by him. It says something about a man when his passing can affect someone a thousand miles away that never even spoke with him let alone looked him in the face. My heart breaks for his family and friends.


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I have been asked to simplify the SS BENEVOLENCE FUND donation instructions....

Hence, here is a quote from Post #1 of the SSBF Thread in the Chaplains Corner forum originally posted back in 2009:

Attention SteelSoldiers:

Recently, this brotherhood lost a Member in a tragic MV accident.

While posting condolence messages, coming to grips with our own grief, and - as the organization so often does - turning adversity into opportunity, a small committee of SteelSoldiers has stepped up to establish the

SteelSoldiers Benevolence Fund.

Several times over the past year or so, opportunities to send cards, flowers or cash assistance to hurting SS Members have arisen and you answered those calls.

This fund is being established so that we might have a pool of funds to respond quickly when a need comes up.

Because I work for a funeral home, and am well connected with the deathcare professions, I have the unique opportunity to connect with families and those assisting them. Although, this fund is NOT only to help when there has been a death, other needs can be addressed as well.

Others might say that I took one step forward and "volunteered" to take the Point on this Mission. From my perspective, everyone else took one step back and I was left looking like I volunteered... I'll address that with the conspirators later.


Here's how we intend for this to work:

1. Making a "SS Benevolence Fund" a permanent fixture within the Chaplain's Corner seems to be a good place to give it a home.

2. Once a worthy cause or needy recipient is identified, we will announce the "opening" of a sub-account for the purpose, and publish its NAME for funds designation.

3. ALL inbound funds should specify which "Fund Name" it's intended for. Coordination could be through PM so that the thread does not become an overwhelming mass of chatter.

4. Before opening a Named Fund, we should have established a recipient contact and an "OK" to collect funds on their behalf. (Imagine the hassles of refused donations and the need to return $$$.)

5. ANY SS Member who knows of a need can contact me, or if a thread pops up and we perceive a need exists, we can pursue the information we need to initiate the help.

6. In its infancy, this would NOT be a registered charity, so tax deductions would not be valid. (We might consider this in the future.) But ALL monies WILL be accounted for and reserved 100% for the purpose, NOT for any administrative "profit".
For example, if the fund receives $1000 for a person's cancer treatment, they will receive that full amount. Any funds contributed toward the "general fund" will remain undesignated until a need is identified. General Fund monies may be used to cover ACTUAL postage and other costs.

7. Here's HOW TO DONATE:

Snail Mail:
SS Benevolence Fund
c/o John Bariou
(aka: USAFSS-ColdWarrior)
2323 Wilson St.
San Angelo, TX 76901
NOTE: Because this is not a "Registered Charity", please make checks payable
to me "John Bariou" so that I can deposit and transfer the funds as necessary.​

[7/12/11: Dedicated PayPal Account created.]
NOTE: This email address may also be used as the means to
contact "The Fund" with any questions, etc.

Please reference your Name, SS User Name and the fund designation on your donation. (i.e.: General Fund, Flowers for [Member Name], or any other announced "need")



The fund has already received its first PLEDGE for SEED MONEY and as soon a "he" figures out how to make a PayPal account, the money will be in the SS BENEVOLENCE FUND. Additional PLEDGES have already been promised.


I hope I've covered all the key points. Please feel free to PM any constructive criticism you might have.


Dear Lord,

You know our hearts. Please bless these efforts and all those who in good stewardship share Your blessings and provisions for the care and assistance of our brothers and sisters in this family of MV Hobbyists.

As we put feet to our faith, Father, it is in Jesus' name we pray,


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I knew Ron for a while. He was one of my drivers when I made the big move out west to NE from NJ back in 2010/2011. He had a can-do attitude and a good sense of humor, and I enjoyed our exchanges...... He will be missed.........
I too met Ron on that trip. Condolences sent. See you on the other side buddy.


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Always enjoyed seeing Ron at the Ga Rally and hanging out with him around the fire. He was a great guy, just can't find better words to say of him. R.I.P. buddy see you on the other side.
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